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Max VI Formula double power up after sleep and then restarts

Level 10

I have a Maximus VI Formula with a 4770k. No overclock at all on it or my SLI 780's.

For some reason I can't put the computer to sleep without the motherboard double powering up the system. Power comes on for a few seconds then reboots.

Steps that I have taken so far.

1) Removed all but 1 stick of memory. Tried sleep. Failed.
2) Put another stick in. Tried Sleep. Failed.
3) Re-installed OS. Tried Sleep. Failed.
4) Removed Intel RST. Tried Sleep. Failed.
5) Traded PSU. Tried Sleep. Failed.
6) Disabled wake on lan/keyboard/mouse. Tried Sleep. Failed.
7) Tried going back to Windows 7. Tried Sleep. Failed.
😎 reinstalled BIOS multiple times. Tried Sleep. Failed.

At this point I think that it is something wrong with the MB itself.

Is there something that I am missing?