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M7F with external USB 3 hard drive = slow boot

Level 7

For a couple of days now, I'm the proud owner of the new M7F. I'm super satisfied with it.

There's just one odd quirk I've noticed when I have my 3TB Seagate USB 3.0 external hard drive connected upon booting: It takes a lot longer for Windows to start up. I know it has to do with the hard drive, because if I disconnect it and boot, there is no problem. Also, the delay is consistent with the time it takes for the hard drive to spin up. At the Boot logo screen it spins up and then after a delay it boots Windows. During that time it probably spins down again, and then when the desktop is to appear, the screen remains black with just a mouse cursor visible. The hard drive spins up again and only when it's done, the actual desktop appears. The whole thing prolongs the boot process by about 30 seconds, which is annoying.

Now, you might think that it's the hard disk malfunctioning, but the thing is, on my old PC (with ASUS Striker II Extreme), it gives me absolutely no extra delay during boot.

I'm thinking there is a BIOS bug or setting that is causing the hard drive to spin up, or at least wait until it's ready, which is unwanted because, as said, it produces a delay in booting which I don't have on my old system.

I've tried to Google this issue, but it's mostly random solutions being posted and it's hard to tell if people are having the exact same issue.

My OS SSD is set as first boot device, btw.