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M6F - Cache Voltage droop?

Level 7

When experimenting with various overclocking magic for my Maximus VI Formula, using a 4770K, I noticed something using AIDA64's voltage plots.

I've got the Cache / Uncore voltage set for about 1.252'ish volts. When a stress test is under way, and the CPU is 100% the voltage presented to the cache is right where I set it. But when the work of the test is done (and I don't BSOD! 😄 ) I can see that during idle, the cache voltage fluctuates between, maybe 0.003 v to 1.1 volts. It seems to follow some curve ... i.e. it wanders around but only settles when under load. There is no "straight line" until under load.

That seems a little odd, and I don't think I noticed it before. I've started doing about 37 multiplier and 125 strap. Maybe that affects it? I've also played around with a few of the other settings but I'm mostly at Auto settings. My Vcore is at at 1.38 or so. I've tried changing the cache voltage during testing via AI Suite, but that doesn't change the voltage least by changing the value modestly. (~0.05 +/-)

BTW, this behavior seems to stay around when I change the cache multiplier from 31 - 35...I have varying levels of OC success, but still get the same droop.

So, do I bother with this, is it a bug, or a feature? BTW, with all of the voltages the AIDA monitors, the cache voltage is the only one that does this...others may go down or up a single pixel or two, but cache voltage goes up and down a lot!


MB: Maximus VIII Hero
CPU:Intel i7-6700K OC @ 4.7 GHz
Mem: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3600 MHz
Vid: EVGA GTX980 Ti SC@ 1530MHz
SSD:RAID1&0 Samsung 256G 840 Pro

HDD: RAID1 6TB Ultrastar 7K6000
PSU: Corsair AX1200i
Case:Corsair 600T, mod for roof rad

Custom Loop:
Block:EK Supremacy Clean CSQ, Copper
Rads:AlphaCool ST30 360 & 120
Fans: 4 X Enermax CLUSTER Advance, Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm, KingWin DB122
Pumps:2 X MCP 35x in series
Tubing:Tygon 2475 1/2" ID X 3/4" OD