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[M5F mPcie combo] Wifi interrupting while streaming

Level 7

I used to have some issues with the mPCIE BT + WIFI combo I've got together with my Maximus V Formula.
I've resolved it by removing the metal mounting and the screw + I've also replaced the pigtail cables supplied, with new / longer ones.

After these actions BT started working flowlessly and wifi is showing full range. I now have only one issue left. When I'm streaming vidios from the Internet, although the range is good 40-60% (according to my router), the browser is unable to stream media enough fast and it's hanging all the time (making it impossible to watch anything). Except for the time when I want to stream something, it's working fine, downloading / sending with full speed, like it should.

Any ideas on how to diagnose the issue ? Other computers in the same network have no such issue and it's 100% something with my PC / the mpcie card.
M7H / Matrix 7970 P (flashed to R9 280x Matrix P) + 2 x DELL U2713HM / i7 4790k + h100i push&pull / 3 x Kingston 3k SSD 120GB / 1 x Corsair ForceGT 120GB / TridentX 2400 2x8gb / Corsair Graphite 600t case + AX1200i + NZXT IU01 + Bitfenix USB3.0 internal adapter