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M4EZ running GTX 680 Classified at PCIE 3.0

Level 7
I picked up a MAx 5 Gene a 3570k and a EVGA GTX 680 Classified to try out how much of an imporvment PCIE 3.0 over 2.0.

My old rig was the M4EZ 2600k MatrixPx2 in SLI so i thought i could get a good comparison.

I hated back benching my M4EZ but all the spec said that even after Bios upgrades the M4EZ will not support PCIE 3.0.

after setting up the new rig and testing it against the old rig i was impressed with the PCIE 3.0 single card Low power consumption setup as an option over the 2.0 power hungry Setup.

Unfortunately however something went amiss on the new M5Gene i went to RMA but while removing the CPU heat sink back plate the Serial # sticker was destroyed.. DAMN no RMA. I decided to Set the Ivy bridge processor into the M4EZ and try out how the GTX 680 classified would score at PCIE 2.0 with a Ivy bridge processor and upgraded Bios.. To my surprise the M4EZ was ruining at PCIE 3.0 according to GPU-Z / EVGA OC Scanner / Fur mark and the score were approx the same as with the M5Gene......If my grammar is difficult to read i dont care, its just an :cool:ligopolistic reading.