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M VI Gene - BIOS low limit PWM fans?

Level 9
EDIT: My bad, I should have done a search. This thread shows the problem is even WORSE in the VI generation. I cannot fathom this idiotic decision, the minimum PWM cycle should be allowed to be set at 0% for chassis and no more than 20% (ideally 10%) for CPU. 40% and 60% is outrageous, noise is a critical issue for me so though I love ASUS products in general I simply can't buy an ASUS for my next mobo (assuming there are any mobos out there with proper BIOS configuration options for fan settings). 😞



I would like to get a confirmation on something.

I run a hackintosh based on the MVG (last gen). Part of the reason I bought it was for what on paper was excellent fan control. In Windows, with Fan Xpert, this is the case; but contrary to stated limits in the manual, the BIOS severely and artificially limited the PWM minimum cycle to 60% (for all fans except CPU, which was limited to no lower than 20%). So in OS X my expensive PWM fans which can run inaudibly at ~500 RPM are stuck annoying me at ~900 RPM.

So, my question is this:

What is the low limit for BIOS manual control (not fan xpert!) for PWM fans on the M VI G?

Please do not quote the manual to me on this matter; as I said above, the manual for the MVG lied on this point. I would like tested information only.

Many thanks to anyone who can answer! 😄

Level 7
My NOCTUA NF-A14 PWM just can't be adjusted to being below 880 rpm, and that disappoints me. I am still trying to find a solution in the forum.