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M.2 PCIe SSD on Maximus Impact VII, failing to start

Level 7
I have a peculiar problem with my PC, whenever I insert an M.2/NGFF PCIe SSD in the motherboard, the system seems to crash entirely. Whenever I have one inserted, the PC boots - but remains black for a few seconds - then turns itself off. This loop continues indefinitely, as it turns itself on again, few seconds with all black screen, then off again.

The same SSD has no issues, it works in other systems, it even work on other systems with the same motherboard. The SSD in question is a Samsung SM951 (not tried other brands/models).

Anyone have any ideas whatsoever?

Level 7
I think the SM951 is a PCie X4 SSD, where as the M2 slot is only a X2. that may be the issue. Have the other MB's got the same BIOS settings?

The Maximus VII Impact has four PCIe 3.0 lanes for the M.2 so that's not the problem. And even if that was the problem, it would just be limited to two lanes and work correctly.

It may be a malfunctioning M.2 port or Combo Card. I've seen a few examples that had blotches of solder inside the port where the Combo Card is inserted. Make sure it has a proper connection and check for anything out of the ordinary physically with the installation.
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