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Lucid MVP2 (V3.0) Needs new Bios License?

Level 7
I have a P8Z77-V LK running Lucid's VirtuMVP v2.1.115a (2.1.221 is too buggy on my system) and got an update notification. It told me VirtuMVP2 v3.0 (Confusing huh?) is available so I downloaded and installed it. It told me it could not run because the "License is Disabled". Uninstalling it and reinstalling 2.1.115a, and it says "License Activated" and works as expected, so it seems to be an issue with this new release. Does ASUS need to release a BIOS update with a new Lucid Activation Key? If so, will older boards like the P8Z77-V LK get this BIOS Update?



Level 7
I'm having the same problem. I updated the VirtuMVP software because it wouldn't let me start any game.

I hope we get an answer soon enough. Thanks.

i have Asus Maximus V Formular/T

Asus MVF/T : i7 3770k @ 4.6 GHz : Corsair Dominator Platinum CMD16GX3M4A2400C9 1x Asus GTX680-DC2T-2GD5I : 2xSamsung 840 (250GB) RAID0 : 4x3TB Seagate Barracuda : Corsair H100 : AirFlow Pro™ Dynamic Temperature and Activity Display : alphaLCD 240X128 : Corsair 600T Mid-Tower Case

Level 8
Don't think your going to be happy with the answer. Lucid MVP2 seems to be the "premiere" product line that consumers can purchase directly, while MVP will remain as the licensed motherboard product.
Asus MVE @1707, IRST 12.5, MEI @ 8.01, w/Intel i7-3770K@4.60 Ghz @ 1.275 with .050 - offset, on Corsair H100, w/(4) Corsair XMS 2000 @ 2000 9-10-9-27-51 @1.65, (2) Crucial C300 128 GBs running in RAID 0 as primary drive, with 3 Terabytes of Data Drives. (1) Powercoler 7870 MYST stock.

Well then they need to fix 221 (I still use build 115) and get their stuff together. 221 has constant issues for me, either causing crashes and other random glitches, or get this....disables Windows Print Spooler from starting? Yes I've verified it IS Lucid build 221 causing the print issue, my question is WHY a video card driver is doing ANYTHING with the print spooler!

Level 7
any news about installation of Lucid MVP2 (V3.0)?