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Low mic volume - maximus vii ranger

Level 7
Summary: My Logitech G430's mic doesn't seem work together with the Asus Maximus vii ranger motherboard.

Hello everyone. So i just built myself a new computer and everything seems to work fine, except for the microphone. I have plugged my Logitech G430 into the 3,5 mm jacks (rear panel) and the audio from the headset works fine, but as mentioned in the title of this thread, the microphone volume is very low and a bit buzzy aswell. I am currently using the 6.0.1. 7272 drivers for the integrated soundcard which comes with the motherboard.

What i've done so far:
Tried my Logitech G430's in a friend's computer.
Tried my friend's mic (headset) in my computer.

My Logitech G430 (mic) works as intended on my friend's computer (motherboard).
My friend's Logitech G230 (mic) works as intended on my computer.

The results are pretty strange as you can see. What I am leaning to is that the mic on the Logitech G430 strangely has an issue working together with the Asus Maximus vii ranger soundcard.

If anyone of you are experiencing the same issue, please let me know; And if there are any solutions to this issue I'd be glad if you could provide it for me and others who are in the same situation as me.