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Low GPU Usage / Performance / HIGH CPU Usage / Please lend me your wisdom

Level 7
Hey Guys, I really have some issues and I was referred to here by a friend. I was told the best help can be found here to diagnose problems

My Spec(s)

CPU: Fx 9370 8 Core @ 4.4 Ghz
Motherboard: Crosshair V - Formula Z
RAM: Rip Jaws G.Skill 8GB F3-2400C10-4GTX @ 1866 MHz DDR3
Cooling: Corsair H110i GTX
RAM: Kingston Hyper X 8GB 1866Mhz DDR3
Video Card: ATi R9 295x2 @ 1018 / 1250 Mhz - PCI-E 3.0 @ 16X 2.0 Crossfired
Video Card:Sapphire R9 290 Vapor X @ 1030 / 1400 Mhz PCI-E 3.0 @ 16X 1.1
PSU: EVGA Supernova 1300w G2
Case: Obsidian 750D
Monitor(s): HP L2245w - 3x Eyefinity - 5040 x 1050 / 1 Monitor - 1680 x 1050
OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit

Temps never go above 65 Degrees on all 3 GPU's

CPU TEMP while gaming: 48-52 degrees / Idle 38-44 degrees

My biggest issue is when I am playing games and monitoring my GPU usage on Msi Afterburner its just terrible. It flucuates all over the place. There is absolutely no steady consistency whatsoever.

GPU 1: will be at 30% while GPU 2 is at 0% and then sometimes it will spike to 90/20 and when I run 3way its even worse.

CPU usage is like 60-70% while playing games like Rise of the Tomb Raider / GTA V / Witcher 3

UPDATE: I've enabled Unified Monitoring in MSI Afterburner , while playing it shows me usage @ 30% both GPU's onboard the 295x2
and if its disabled its terrible, flucuates all over the place, no consistency. With 3 GPU's its even worse and ULPS is disabled.

My friend running a 3930K OC'd to 4.6 Ghz on a Sabertooth X79 Motherboard, 16GB of DDR 1866 and gets a constant 90-100% usage on both gpu's aboard the 295x2.

His Spec(s)

CPU: i7 3930K OC'd to 4.6 @ 1.445V (Intel speedstep enabled)
Motherboard: Sabretooth x79
RAM: ???? 16GB DDR 1866 Mhz (Will find exact specs soon)
Cooling: Corsair H100GT
Videocard: Sapphire R9 295x2 @ 1100 / 1375Mhz - PCI-E 3.0 @ 16x Crossfired
Videocard: Sapphire R9 290x Vapor X @ Unknown - PCI-E 3.0 @ 16x
PSU: Corsair Ax1200i
Case: Cosmos 2
Monitor(s): Unknown @ 5760x1200 3 Way Eyefinity.
OS: Windows 10 64bit

CPU Usage he told me was around 30% on all cores of his 3930K @ Rise of the Tomb Raider

On 1 monitor he runs 60 fps solid @ Max settings
On 3 way Eyefinity 40-50 fps @ Max settings

I cant even get solid 60 frames on one of my monitors fps goes all over the place and I am experiencing stuttering while he isnt.

We both cannot run Tri-Fire in this game due to driver issues you can check out our thread here, but he can at least run the game smooth without stutter 3 way eyefinity and SOLID 60 fps on 1 monitor.

I also looked into this the other day

FX-9370(FD9370FHW8KHK, 4.4GHz, 8C, L3:8M, 220W,rev.C0,AM3+) Due to the high TDP, please be noted there are limitations while using this CPU(i.e. special thermal required..)

Is my board only rated for 140 TDP? because this CPU is 219.6 TDP?

Level 7

First off, that board is fine for the high TDP. Are you running unmatched sets of ram together? Are you running in high performance mode or balanced mode? Also, are your cores parked or unparked while gaming? Have you tried to run just one graphics card yet to rule out the graphics card drivers?
Chris...Have a nice day.

Took out the 2nd set of RAM sticks (Kingston Hyper X Fury) , trying the Trident X right now, all cores are unparked, was on balanced mode, switched to performance mode and I tested, 1 GPU out of the 295x2 Dual GPU, it seems to give better fps than using the crossfire between them but its very tedious because I have to run a program called "Clock Blocker" because when you disable crossfire on the 295x2 the GPU only runs @ 300Mhz Core / 1250 MEM which equals very low fps, what clock blocker does us prevent your gpu from downclocking itself.

MSI afterburner has a "Power Limit" Feature and mine has always been set to 0% should that be increased? and if so could that increase GPU Usage and importance or harm the card and my system / PSU.

Level 7
By doing a preliminary search i found that such a R9 295x2 card can pull 700 Watts. (equaling 58,33 Ampères)
Your single rail PSU can do 108 Ampères maximum. Assuming a real world value of 86,4 Ampères continuously.(80 percent)
That leaves 28,07 Ampères equaling 336 Watt for the rest of your system.
A FX9370 processor @stock can pull 315W under full load in real life. So my guess is you could have a power problem. Compared to your friend's system;the I7 draws far less power.
Try to find a good GPU stress testing app,which only stresses the GPU and leaves the CPU alone. See how it behaves... (rthdribl,furmark?)