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Lost a Vid Card wow whatta fiasco

Level 7
One of my x-fired Vid cards pooped out what a troubleshooting nightmare, first BSOD then error boots for 2 days finally no display signal. That narrowed it down. Bought 2 new XFX 6870 2G cards to replace my archaic 3870's $400.00 later and two shiny new cards I now see what I've been missing. I can run any game at full tilt video settings and move like lightning .. Sometimes a BAD thing is a Good thing. The new cards really bring out the potential of the CHV.
1100 BE Liquid Cooled, CHV, 16Gig Corsair Vengeance 1866 @ 2032, two ASUS ATI 3870's liquid cooled O.C.ed to 890Mhz, 3 Velociraptor 500G in raid 0, ocz SSD boot drive, 1200W Thermaltake P.S.

Level 13
What luck there EC...! and I've been waiting for a good word on the 6870's, Thank You!