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Looking to buy the Rampage IV BE what 32 or 64GB kit of ram is best/compatible?

Level 7
I wanted to go with Corsair but heard and read that there's a lot of problems. Looks like GSkill Ripjaw X line is highly recommended. Any other suggestions? I'm usually a Mushkin guy but didn't see much Mushkin on the QVL list.

Level 15
Welcome to the ROG forums, Nerdface Killah.

The RipjawsZ memory kits will be perfect for your needs. The G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 64GB (8 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Desktop Memory Mode... should blend right in with your motherboard as well as offering the performance that you are looking for.

Level 13

The exact kit Chino posted is what I am running. I have the RIVE non-black edition and I don't think that really makes a difference for this comparison. I have tried lots of different tweaks with voltage for both the ram and CPU. After countless hours and hundreds if not thousands of reboots I have found that I run perfectly stable running XMP profile 2 with my 3930K at 4.2GHz with quad-fired 7970's.

My CPU is on a corsair h100i, mobo has EK CSQ blocks, gpu's have ek CSQ blocks with the ek-FC bridge, phobya 400mm radiator. Even with a move to noctua/bitfenix fans it still runs very hot. Perhaps with another radiator and ek CPU block I can push a bit higher.

I say all this as 2011 socket chips still have to manage the 40 lanes of PCIe and 64GB ram in my setup. If you are using less PCIe then you might be able to run higher.

What CPU are you running?

I will know soon enough if the SBe chip is holding me back, I get my 4930k Thursday. I have been messing with this setup and am bored so I got a second rive to move my current CPU to while I kill time waiting for x99 and intel 2011-3

Praz wrote:

As Chino wrote G.SKILL RipjawsZ.

Here here! I just got my build up and going tonight (booted and installing all the drivers etc.) I too have that exact RAM - 64GB 2133Mhz of G Skill-RipJawsZ Series in that same timing. They differentiate that model ram with differing color schemes on the memory. That set is their lowest timing, but runs at 1.6V (which is not an issue what so ever). There are two other kits that G Skill offers a 64GB set of the RipJaws Z Series. One set is red bodied, and the other is blue bodied. I can not remember the timing differences or the voltage differences, but those are the elements that differ.

In regards to the memory... they rock, they roll, and they install so easy. Plug em in - goto Bios and set the XMP Profile up to enable the full 2133 speed (otherwise they are set to Intel's "legal" max supported memory speed of 1600. I couldn't be happier! Just make sure you buy the size kit you wwant up front and do not try and pair unbinned kits (sets bought at separate times). This is a recipe for disaster at this high of a memory load. GOOD LUCCCCCCK! 😉