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Looking for a new motherboard to build on a amd ryzen 7?

Level 7
looking to build a new pc
my current setup is a asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 and a amd fx-6350
I am not a gamer but I do have some old games I like to play once in a while
this system does fine but dam I just got that darn itch you know bigger better faster
I hate that dam bug I Always cost me!!
Any Advice on a good motherboard??
looking at a amd ryzen 7 depending on the holiday price war on the cpu I get
but it is the motherboard that makes or breaks a cpu I think but I would
like to keep the m/b around $150. or less! less and maybe get more ram!
any advice ???


Level 7
oh I'm so sorry this must be an Intel CPU web site!!
I must have sinned in using THAT AMD CPU word !! Oh LORD IN HEAVEN PLEASE PLEASE Forgive ME For I Have SINNED amongst those upon this web site

let me ask it this way what chip set is better with less problems the 470 or 570 ??

if again I have sinned PLEASE FORGIVE ME

if it helps I do have a Asus ROG gaming laptop that is about 7 years old that still works!!!
does that qualify for an answer ??

Level 7
you can get a x570 board for cheaper than a x470 board then have the update path to the newer ryzen 9. plus the x570 has pcie4.0. which is also more future proof.