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List Asus Motherboards that Support ECC Mode with Ryzen (ECC Enabled)

Level 7
While top speed is nice, Stability & data integrity is top priority to many people & being able to utilize ECC Ram (Error Correction Code) is a huge plus of Ryzen, Since Ryzen memory Controller Does Support ECC... Confirmed by AMD, Despite not getting the server treatment of testing & validation... it %100 works!

very few Gigabytes Mobos does support ECC, MSI don't even bother, ASRock say All their AM4 Motherboards support ECC feature & confirmed by users!

& Asus... Here we want to compile a List of Asus Motherboards that Truely support ECC (unofficially) to clear any confusion!
Some motherboards state that they do & others seem to say ?X?&*#X?!X?...

for instance the ROG-Strix B450-F despite having an ECC ram in the QVL KSM26ED8/16ME(ECC)
says in it's specification page & it's manual... Un-buffered Non-ecc!

while the more affordable Prime B350-Plus clearly says in it's spec page Un-buffered memory
ECC Memory (ECC mode) support varies by CPU

Which means All Ryzen CPU's 1st Summit, 2nd Pinnacle & 3rd matisse will work with ECC

Except for Raven Ridge (Ryzen APU with Vega) only PRO versions would work with ECC

Here is The list:

-ROG Crosshair VI & above [Yes] confirmed to support ECC*

-ROG Strix x370-F [uknown] specification page identical to Crosshair VI

-ROG Strix B450-F -E -I [Yes] confirmed to support ECC by our friend andersondiaz & Asus Support**

-Prime X470-Pro & higher [Yes] confirmed to support ECC*

-Prime B350-Plus [Likely]

-TUF B450-Plus [Likely] Spec page say ECC Memory (ECC mode) support varies by CPU.

*by Supporting ECC we mean that ECC Mode is enabled & single bit errors will get corrected & we don't mean that the ecc ram will just run in Non-ECC mode!

**Asus Support replied to my email & Confirmed that ROG Strix B450-F will run in ECC mode if the CPU supports it!

Theoratically all Asus AM4 Motherboards should support ECC but here we need Confirmation from users! So if u know anything kindly share with us!


Crosshair VI Hero Confirmation

Prime X470-Pro Confirmation

Level 8
ROG Strix B450-F in BIOS yes is support

andersondiaz wrote:
ROG Strix B450-F in BIOS yes is support

Wow! thats great news!

the "Unbuffered Non-ECC" on the specification page & the manual of the ROG Strix B450-F made me doubt for a second that Asus removed that feature, because when i checked that motherboard before I'm %99 sure i read "ECC & Non-ECC" & it was just like the rest...

So, I believe we can now say that All ASUS AM4 Motherboards DOES support ECC if the CPU supports it unless/until someone proves otherwise...

which is great great news! 😄

Level 7
-ROG Strix x370-F [uknown] specification page identical to Crosshair VI

ECC Unbuffered DIMMs (CT8G4WFS824A DDR4-2400, MTA18ADF2G72AZ-3G2E1 DDR4-3200) does not work in Crosshair VIII Impact (Q-Code 0d).

Level 7
any update for the B-550 series? I couldn't get an answer from ASUS support.

ROG Crosshair VIII Impact does not support ECC (Q-code 0d). CPU is 5600x