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latest BIOS for TUF Gaming X570 Pro (WiFi) seemed to fix intermittent freezes

Level 7
Since I upgraded from a FX8350 to a Ryzen 7 3700X my Windows would freeze for a few seconds intermittently. Normally while watching videos or using a browser.

At the time my computer case HDD LED light was broken so I couldn't tell if my HDDs was the cause of the freezing. I upgraded the BIOS to 3001 and finally yesterday replaced my computer case HDD LED since updating the BIOS to version 3001 in January.

I noticed that when the computer freezes the HDD LED Light was on solidly telling me one of my SATA internal HDDs was causing the freezing, possibly one with bad sectors. So I ran Chkdsk for all the Internal HDDs that my Windows Driver uses (Page File) and everything came out fine. The computer still kept on freezing. I also noticed that my USB wireless Keyboard would lose connectivity and I needed to turn off and on the Wireless connection to my keyboard. This happened very infrequently. So I didn't bother with it since all my numerous USB devices were working correctly.

Anyways, Today I upgraded to the latest Asus BIOS version for my Motherboard 3603 which supposingly fixes the USB connectivity issue and upgrades the Ryzen's AGESA code. I noticed once I got my computer running again that the freezing, up to this time, hasn't occurred yet. It has been at least 3-4 hours since I upgraded the BIOS. Normally it would have froze by now, especially watching videos on KODI.

So If I don't get anymore freezes in the next 2-3 days then I know the problem was with my motherboard's BIOS. I also noticed the BIOS version 3603 doesn't have DOCP to overclock the RAM which was omitted. Which, in my opinion, was a good idea. The first time I overclocked my RAM to its rated 3600Mhz I had no issues at all when I did it manually. Then I saw that BIOS had a setting for DOCP. So I used that and immediately I started having all types of issues. Went back and disabled DOCP and overclocked the RAM manually by just inputting 3600Mhz and FCLK to 1800Mhz in BIOS for my RAM. No more problems.

I wish that Asus would make a BIOS that will migrate to the new BIOS Version the setting whether the computer is running on UEFI or CSM mode. In my case, each time I upgrade my BIOS I lose video to my PC HD Monitor and need to use my Samsung TV (1920x1080) to get video and manually change it in BIOS from UEFI to CSM mode. For some reason my PC Monitor is not compatible in UEFI when booting up. I get video output only once Windows starts to load then I get video which is useless since I can't enter BIOS to make any changes since I have no video output.

Anyways, thought I share my experience since updating to the latest Non-BETA BIOS version 3603. I will update if the freezing continues or I have other issues with this new BIOS Version.

EDIT: one day later computer is again freezing for a few seconds with the HDD LED light on solid. So I will continue to troubleshoot the issue. But otherwise the new Non-BETA BIOS version is working well without any obvious problems.