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Koolance water cooling setup on Maiximus Hero VI

Level 7
I am setting up my Koolance water cooling setup I have a water block on the CPU 4770k and 2 water blocks on my Vid card GTX 770 in a SLi config. I am getting a CPU fan error because I don't have one plugged in because i don't need one with this setup . Is there a way to disable the this in the bios so i don't get a error?

Also for some reason I can get past the bios to boot the system it act like it dont see ny hdd. I exit the bios and nothing happens

Any suggestions?


Maximus Hero VI
16 meg ram
samsung SSD 840 Pro ( boot drive) Win 8
2 GTX 770 vid cards in a SLI config
Intel 4770k CPU

Hello tjwhite welcome to the ROG forum.

Go into the bios on the monitoring tab and set cpu fan to ignore.
Do you have your SSD connected to an intel sata port? Go to the boot tab in the bios and check the boot priority, your SSD should show there. If it is not showing there, try connecting it to another intel sata port.

Level 14
ssd on intel ports, and hdd's on asmedia ports ( refer to manual for setup )
bios, go in and disable monitoring on that cpu port, or you can add a fan on it ( exhaust for example ) unless you run a fan controller.

Level 40
TJ post up some pictures of your water cooling set up mate. Sounds a really nice system.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.