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just my 2 cents

Level 11
I absolutely hate SSD's; they are nothing but a cheap-as in money grubbing-attempt at a fast buck by the manufacturers to cash in on something that is obselete before they distribute them. I owned a Corsair 256G and sold it after 2 weeks. I noticed no real world significant gains in anything but boot and app load times-games etc. The 600G Velociraptors in RAID0 provide excellent performance at a reasonable cost and I have been using the Raptors since WD first started selling them back whenever-never had one fail. That said, I really don't care if the system takes an extra couple of seconds to boot up and when running an app/game; it all loads into memory and after that the HHD's are out of the picture, unless paging in which case nothing short of more memory will help anyways.
Like USB 3 and SATA III, SSD's cause nothing but disappointment in compatability and performance on anything. My USB 2 runs better most times than 3 and SATA III does nothing for me really over SATA II-all marketing hype. The third party SATA III and USB 3 chips the mobo manufacturers are polluting they're products with are, for all intensive purposes-useless; they just aren't compatable and do not work. Benchmarks are not my thing-each to his/her own; I look at how my system works doing the things I like to do. For example, I've run all my games at the highest settings possible using a single 7970 and have yet to falter. You visit x and y sites displaying a bunch of benchmarks showing AMD this, NVIDIA that-well they're full of it and I can prove it in real game play.
All my Office 2010 apps load nicely, work well with no glitching and I get no BSOD.
I agree with one of the moderators when he said SAS is the way to go and that will be my direction in the near future. Footnote, it looks like Hitachi-his drive of choice-has been purchased by WD. Those 64MB cache SAS drives are getting rare it would seem with few etailers stocking/selling them-450G being the largest Hitachi SAS I could find available.
Anyways, this is just my opinion and I'm sure the majority will disagree, but, then, that is what it is all about-isn't it!? 🙂

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32G (8*4) Corsair CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 Dominator GT 16GB Quad Channel memory at 2133Mz (xmp profile)
Seasonic ATX 1000W 80PLUS Platinum Power Supply
LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray writer
2*Western Digital Velociraptor 500GB (64mb cache) in RAID0 on the x79 at SATA 3
2*Western Digital Velociraptor 1000GB (64mb cache) (1Tb) in AHCI on the x79 at SATA 2
2*XFX FX-797A-TNBC Radeon HD7970 OC Black Edition video cards in crossfireX at GEN 3
Auzentech X-Fi Hometheater HD Audio Card at GEN 2
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TJ10 USB 3 upgrade kit
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Level 18
Disagree ? I dont know what I think about what you think .. but now you got
me thinking about it .. I find that very agreeable .. and Thank You.

RickROG ..... Welcome to ROGforum. [nice rig].c.

chrsplmr wrote:
Disagree ? I dont know what I think about what you think .. but now you got
me thinking about it .. I find that very agreeable .. and Thank You.

RickROG ..... Welcome to ROGforum. [nice rig].c.

Thanks very much 🙂
"If you say you can't, then, you probably can't"

chrsplmr wrote:
Disagree ? I dont know what I think about what you think .. but now you got
me thinking about it .. I find that very agreeable .. and Thank You.

Ouch thinking hurts to much, I'll just go with the flow thank you

Level 40
yeah food for thought.

Personally I am not impressed with USB3 at all. I think it causes more problems than any benefit it might bring.

SSD - nah I am a fan and I would never go back to mechanicals for anything but storage.

And I am as you know a big fan of SAS and yes I am not too happy about what is happening with Hitachi just hope that bunch of bloat artists at WD do not mess up a great product. 🙂
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Level 10
I agree SSD's aren't up to the hype. Just put my first one in last week. Great for benchmarking but I don't notice any real world benifits over my Velciraptors in Raid0. The last pair of Raptors I had lasted 6 years with no problems at all. The only reason I replaced them was because I broke the SATA connector on the back of one. I only paid $125 for this Crucial M4, so it's no big deal. Windows does boot up 5 seconds faster with the SSD. But I can find something to do for 5 seconds. Lol.
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I've noticed a difference in certain games. SW:TOR is probably the most noticeable. Granted my whole system is pretty good but some of the people I play with have load times over 1 min for certain zones. My rig takes maybe 10 seconds.

In the grand scheme of a big expensive system, spending $120 on a fast boot drive that can also hold my most frequently played games isn't really a big deal. I still have big spinners for most of my stuff though.
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Level 7
i would have to disagree.since running ssd drives[6gb] i would never go back to a mechanical drive,it all depends on which ssd drive you buy,for example my first ssd drive was a g skill 120 was fast but not as fast as my new mushkin chrono.the mushkin reaches read speeds of 515mbs and write speeds of 550 mbs per second.everything runs for usb3 i can see a significant speed increase,a example would be i use my lg blu ray player to watch movies ,i use mainly my 3.0 usb flashdrive to copy movies from my pc to use on the blu ray player.a large movie file would take ten times longer to send to the flash drive if useing usb 2.i use a flashdrive almost every day,so i do notice the difference in speed.also ssd drive prices have come down a lot in the last year.i would always use a regular hd for storage but use ssd drives as my boot drive,just my opinion
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Level 7
I find that my SSD (60gb mushkin chronos) did preform fast n the beginning, but since owning it for 3 months has now slowed down (still faster than my 7200 rpm mechanical but nowhere near as fast as the advertised 550mb/s).

as Jd2266 said i also find that usb 3.0 is faster than usb 2.0. I only use my usb 3.0 flashdrive for transferring files around, but i find it takes less time to transfer files to it than to my old usb 2.0 drive.

Side note from opening post from rick:
Zalman CNPS9900MAX-B Headsink

Should be heatsink 😉

My Build

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1 x 2 tb Game Drive
1x 60 gb SSD Boot Drive
CoolerMaster HAF X
Kingwin Lazer 1000w

Should be heatsink 😉

Thanks, corrected-looks like I need a spellchecker. 🙂
"If you say you can't, then, you probably can't"