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Issues with ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING

Level 7

Hello there! Last few months I've been having somewhat recent problems with my computer and I've started doing some throubleshootinng and ran myself intol a corner, some savvier friends said my motherboard might be damaged but I'd like to see if there is any kind of check I haven't done so far. This is my first time posting in a forum like this so bear with me, I simply do not want to replace the motherboard if it might ot be the problem piece as I can't afford a mistake purchase right now. Issues are as follow

Loads are slow, too slow for my SSD;Writting on the SSD with something like a game update through their launchers sometimes causes the system to stutter (including audio), these two issues been happening for a few months now but I didn't mind them, I've done a disk check and it says its healthy; Recently the computer started getting actual freeze ups at random moments, could take minutes after boot, hours or simply never happen that requires a PSU shutdown, replaced the PSU and problems persis although less consistent; Sometimes when tryig to boot from cold, fans will spin and nothing will happen, not even Q-LEDs will light up, happens more often after the freeze and restart or if I have my two RAM slotted, currently I'm using a single one instead. Happens less often no matter which of the two I use and it's dependant on the slot I put them into. I have done a memory check and they're fine. Sometimes bootig has the Q-LED stuck at orange (RAM) but very rare. Lastly when trying to mess around to find issues, the PC has had moments it shut off and entered in a cycle of trying to power back on and shut off again before I got scared and pulled the PSU cable out. This has only happened twice through my attempts of trying to figure out what is happening.

Stats are as follow
AMD Ryzen 5 1600
8,00GB Single-Channel DDR4 @ 1197MHz (Usually have a dual channel but as described above, keeping one has made the system more stable)
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
894GB TEAM T253X1960G

I've been losig my mind over the week trying many things, if there are any ideas or anyone thinks the issues could be a confirmation that my motherboard is damage please let me know.