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Is there a front base type solution for the iPhone?

Level 7


I am looking to get a new case as I wan't to add a custom liquid cooled loop for my 2 MSI R9 290x Gaming OC cards.

I also want to get the Front base but the problem is I want to have the side of the case facing me so I can see everything but then I won't be able to see the front base.

I was thinking if putting it in the side of a case but then the window would be covering the control.

I think Asus needs to make a iPhone app that does exactly what the front base does just from your phone that way you can place it wherever you want. I've looked at the Asus iPhone apps on the app store since Ai Suite 3 needs them to use some of the sharing features but these apps haven't been update for years and no longer work on current version of iOS and hasn't since many gererations.

Are there any solutions for this today, is anyone working on a project like this?
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