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is the onboard sound better on the maximus v formula then on the v extreme

Level 7
is the onboard sound better on the maximus v formula then on the v extreme and what is the diffrense on the 2 boards

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Well in saying the v fomula has gold plated sound ports this making the sound more clear. It's same with the crosshair v but I beleave the sound from the crosshair v is better to the maximus v. But just stick a thunderbolt card in a yeah bobs ya uncle.
motherboard ASUS Crosshair V Formula
PSU Fractal Design Newton R2 1000W
MemoryRipjaws 16 GB
CaseArmor Mx
CPUAMD Bulldozer FX-8120 8 Core 3.10GHz

Clocked to 4.5GHz

Im a girl 🙂 so be nice as i bite

gold dossent make the sound better even kobber is a looooot better then gold

i was asking if the onboard sound is better on the maximus v formula then the maximus v extreme

Level 15
Gold doesn't corrode and it's electrical conductivity is better than copper.

The sound on the Formula is better: as the Extreme is feature-laden for overclocking, and we know those buying the Extreme often have a budget for a discrete sound card as well.

Rampage IV GENE+Formula - SupremeFX III
Rampage IV Extreme - No SupremeFX
Crosshair V Formula - SupremeFX II
Crosshair V Formula/ThunderBolt - SupremeFX II+Xonar sound
Crosshair V Formula-Z - Supreme FX III
Maximus V GENE - SupremeFX III
Maximus V Formula - SupremeFX IV
Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX - SupremeFX IV + ThunderFX
Maximus V Extreme - No SupremeFX

gold is not more conductive then copper where have you read that silver is best then copper gold comes way down the line of the best conductive metal and maybe rhodium is better then silver but cant remember

check wikipedia its funny that you dont no that

you can thank me for making you sound better and cheaper by sending me your best motherboard because now you can save a lot of money and get better sound lol

Gold, however, doesn't corrode. Copper does, and corroded copper isn't as good a conductor. That's why gold plating is frequently applied to contacts.

If you live in a dry climate it's not much of an issue typically, but in damp environments - especially in salt air - you might be better served by gold plated connectors.

Curiously, silver remains a fairly good conductor even when corroded. Unfortunately, it tarnishes much more quickly than copper.

Level 7
i live in denmark and i am sorry but i dont agree too all you say why does many high end hifi builder then use it because its best and the only reasen i think some use gold is so that they can take a much higher price and some people think oh its gold it most be much better but it issent and never will

some people may ask why does all then not use silver because the conductive diffrens of silver vs copper is something like0,1 or 0,01 % diffrens so very little diffrens and copper is much cheaper then silver thats why they use copper and if you want det full benefit of silver your hole system has to be silver wired