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Intel's 4790K Clock speed running @ 800MHz

Level 7
TMonitor and HWiNFO is reporting that Low Frequency Mode (LFM) is set to 800Mhz and in the UEFI-BIOS it's also reporting the following under Advanced\CPU Configuration:

Max CPU Speed: 4000MHz
Min CPU Speed: 800MHz

Here are the following settings I disabled that didn't work for Min CPU Speed:

Intel's Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) = disable
CPU C-States = disable

After trying the above it didn't work, so I started searching around and couldn't fine anything, but found someone else that had problems with Samsung Magician Software setting it's own Power Plan, so I fix that all up and it still runs @ 800MHz.

Processor Power Management
Minimum processor management Setting: 100%
System cooling policy Setting: Active
Maximum processor state Setting: 100%

I did see something about Min CPU Speed in the UEFI-BIOS but can seem to fine it again, or maybe I need to enable a setting to make it come out, I don't know and I'm completely lost Help!


System Hardware:
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Haswell 3.5GHz (Codenamed Haswell Devil’s Canyon)
MOBO: Asus Maximus VII Hero LGA 1150 (Codenamed Lynx Point) Z97 Chipset
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB
SSD: 1x Samsung 250 EVO
HDD: 2x WD Black 1TB Caviar Black
DVD: 2x Samsung SH-S223
PSU: Corsair AXi AX860i 860W 80 PLUS Platinum Certified
CASE: Cooler Master Cosmos II
LCD Screen: 2x Acer V223W
KEYBOARD: Logitech G110
MOUSE: Logitech G400S
GAMEPAD: Razer Onza TE
HEADSET: Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset
SPEAKERS: Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

PhoneyVirus :confused:

Level 7
Windows power plan. set min cpu at 100%

Level 7
Minimum processor management Setting: 100% it's set correctly, apparently you didn't read the Above.

Level 13
That sure looks like it's doing SpeedStep (EIST) even though BIOS and power management are set for performance. Does the plotted clock rate rise and fall with CPU activity?

In the M6H BIOS, EIST is controlled in two places. If the M7H BIOS is similar, the two settings may be in conflict. Check Extreme Tweak tab > CPU Power Management and also Advanced tab > CPU Configuration > CPU Power Management.


Level 7
Does the plotted clock rate rise and fall with CPU activity?


Pretty sure I tried that as there are two settings available under each place that confused the hell out of me at the time, so no, I still can't fine the Min CPU Speed and I also cleared the UEFI-BIOS ROM version 1002 with no luck.

PhoneyVirus :confused:

Level 7
Maybe you guys should be doing your JOB like helping someone that needs it instead of letting the Thread fall to the bottom. Never in my life have I hated something so much and you can't thanks asus for that one.

I have a problem that no one wants to try and assist and clearly we all know it's ai sute 3 that causing the problem's with LFM, not to mention their BIOS with dual booting, waiting around for the keyboard to wake up, and so much other bull **** that the customers have to deal with.

I hate all asus products, why because this Dream Machine 2014 build was noting but a nightmare, I have numerous problems all because of their stupid ass ai suite 3, oh and what you couldn't include the ai suite crap cleaner with the installer leaving services running in the background.

If asus got where they are to today by delivering such products to their customers, then I can't only imagine what the future wholes for them and their so call carp ware software. and hardware.

Never in my life, will I ever purchase another asus product as long as I live period, I just might rip this motherboard out and go in the shed with the blow torch with the camcorder so you can watch me show you what I think of your so call products.

From here on out It'll be different motherboards every time I up grade the hardware and no it'll never be asus again.

So if your not busy maybe you can.... try and help someone else that don't seem to be a a where of such problems because now I have to nuke my system fro orbit because I can't get any help from these losers.

Guest that's what happen when you get paid good money, you don't care, just like their telephone servers trying to whole Intel responsible for their problem, yeah okay what ever if they think like that again If asus got where they are to today by delivering such products to their customers, then I can't only imagine what the future wholes for them.

Good Luck with you Job


Level 7
Just ran their crap cleaner and not only did it remove the services but it remove ones that had noting to do it ai suite 3, I hate all their products. Can't use boot setting now thanks alot for noting.

Your luck I'm not there, I would rip your eyes right out your ****ing head literally and watch you kick a scram in the floor, and probably piss on you the same time you worthless ****S.

**** YOU ALL and the ones that support and work at asus.

Have good day!


Hello PhoneyVirus

That wasn't very nice to say, the people that can help will when they are online. I can try to help you.

Once you get familiar with the bios and get it running like you want, I think you will change your mind about asus products. The ROG line of mother boards is the best it gets for gaming.

I agree with you, ai suite is not the best software to use so get rid of it.

The first thing to do is download cpu-z.

Did you purchase the oc panel and have it installed?

That wasn't very nice to say, the people that can help will when they are online. I can try to help you. Do you want your cpu to run at full speed even at idle?

Level 7
So, are you trying to run at max speed all the time? If so....why??

Its normal for it do down clock to 800mhz at idle and very light loads, it ramps up accordingly as needed. It also doesn't help anymore in OC stability to disable it.

With todays chips bypassing speed/power throttling based on load is like putting a car in park, then mashing the gas all the way, you burn more fuel, put more stress and wear on components that have a set life span, and generate a butt ton of wasted heat....but end result is your not sitting still any faster than you would at normal engine idle.