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Intel Ethernet Gbit port

Level 7
Hi, I have recently run into a problem with my internet connection. At first, I figured it was the ethernet cable. As it was new, I figured it was far-fetched. It turned out to be the port, it seems. I bought an external network adapter in order to troubleshoot this issue online, but I haven't found a fix as of yet.

I have tried changing my IP, including resetting it. I have tried restarting the computer and the router/motem, as well as through the phone with my ISP. I've done all I could in the command prompt and in RUN, and I'm just thinking now that the port just doesn't work anymore. It gives off the orange/green light, but no connection.

Anyone understand what I'm going through? If not, let me know what other details I should post.

I will attach my specs soon, just in case.

Level 10
Is it enabled in the Bios?