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+++ in need of pro advise /// 2400mhz ram \\\ for /// crosshair v formula-z \\\

Level 7
Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB(2x8GB) DDR3 2400MHz
GSKILL Trident X 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2400MHz


(i dont want to have Compatibility isue with my new pc) will try some overclock.. beginer here <----< 😄
Thank u So much For the Help...

Level 7
What do u say about the HASWELL-E and DDR4 coming out 06/2014 ? should i wait for it ?

Level 10
if you run @ 2400 your north bridge will default to 2400 1.4v which will generate alot more heat for the CPU core /Socket I tried running mine at 2400 and all was good until I started gaming with bf4 got some random memory management errors and white screen so I brought it back to 2133 no more errors and alot less heat on the CPU.

Level 9
the only thing i would change is the cooler, have a look here
otherwise all seems good.
Cpu- FX 8350 / mobo- crosshair v formula z / Gpu- asus gtx 770 / Psu- corsair AX760 / cooling- Phanteks PH-TC14PE / SSD- samsung 840 evo 250 GB / HDD- 2x toshiba 1T / Ram- G Skill 2x8GB 2400 mhz / case- Zalman z11 / monitor- BenQ xl2411t.

Level 10
My two cents...even though I do own a Matrix R9 280 I don't think I'll buy another AMD-based graphic cards. I ran a old GTX-based card with no problem what so system was solid as rock. Finally got around to upgrading graphic cards to the Matrix R9 and had issues with artifacts (until I lowered one of the voltages) and driver issues with random BSOD when the card is "cold".

Either way good luck on your must not be married eh 🙂

For trouble-shooting tips see my blog at:


MB: Crosshair V Formula-Z • CPU: FX-8350 • GPU: Asus Matrix R9 280x • RAM: 8GB of Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer (1866)• PSU: Thermaltake DPS Thoughpower 750 Watt • CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Frio Advanced • Keyboard: TT Sports Challanger Ultimate • Mouse: TT Sports Black Element • Case: Thermaltake GT Level 10


i run 2472, kinda crashing during hard benchmarks, ram timing has to be exact .. 4 sticks, pc 19200 cl9, gskill blue; u have to get ur timing right, start with default timing and move on ..
- Asus Maximus, 2.4 4core - 3.6ghz(o.c), raid5_6hdd, 3gb Crucial, HD 3870(o.c), Air Cooled, PSU-750w; Nzxt Apollo, 5-5-5-12-2-45-6-3 | 8-3-5-4-6-4-6 Republic of gamers !!!

- Asus Crosshair Formula Z, 4.0 8core - 4.4stable ; FX-8350 8core , g-SKILL PC19200 cl9 16gb, HD 6950x2, H100 Hydro+Air Cooled, Cm Storm Trooper, PSU1000w FATAL1TY, OCZ Vertex3x3

I'm running my ram at 2400 mhz. I do need almost 1.45 v on the cpu/nb under stress testing or hard gaming. Anything less than 1.42 v my system will lock up after booting.
Chris...Have a nice day.

Level 8
check the qualified vendors list in the motherboard manual (chapter 1 page 11) 🙂

Level 7

You guys think its a good time to buy ram now? It looks like the price for ddr3 is rising slowly.
Not sure if it will become more expensive as its rare when they only produce ddr4 in the near future or if it will drop as ddr4 is going to replace it.