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Impact Grahic issues

Level 7
Hi everyone, im new on this forum as well with this board, i have a problem and maybe u can help me please. I tried to build the computer without a case, everything is plugged on, when i start it, it does not beep, is it obvious because no case? also, it DOES NOT SHOW any video signal, and im really worried because everything is well plugged if im not forgetting something.. it looks like this at the moment:


any help would be very nice, thank you

Sorry for the bad english, and sorry if there is something obvious i am forgetting. Thanks.

Skype me if someone could explain me what is not ok: efravelasco

Level 40
The BIOS debug code indicates 00 that is not good.

In the last image it is clear you do not have the EPS 12 v CPU connector fitted. Your system will not work without all the psu connectors fitted.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.