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how to REMOVE the CHIPSET FAN & PLASTIC COVER ("THERMAL ARMOR") on an old X79 board?

Level 7
it's all in the title

I got an old x79 from someone I know gonna use it for a secondary system it's the sabertooth

problem: the chipset has a fan (with a whole plastic cover on top of the chipset's heatsink)

now they may talk about "thermal armor" all they want but I know the TRUE purpose of putting a tiny fan on the chipset then putting a plastic cover:

1) the fan will eventually break (those tiny chipset fans are fragile - they're made to fail - plus I read they're noisy anyway)

2) once the fan breaks, the plastic cover will act as an "insulator" to retain heat above the chipset: the PCH will be too hot which will slowly kill the board

3) no heatpipe to evacuate the heat of the PCH if, I mean when, the PCH fan fails

in other words so-called "thermal armor" is more like a thermal trap designed to damage the board

so question is, how do I remove the whole PLASTIC COVER (and fan) on the chipset to expose the PCH heatsink?

I dont see no screws for the plastic (I only see 4 screws for the metal heatsink, those of course must not be touched)

btw here's the pic of the plastic cover thing that has to be removed: