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How to build Raid 1 from an existing disk

Level 9
I want to migrate my media archive to new Raid 1 on MF6 mobo. However, the Intel bios option doesn't seem to allow for building the mirror from an existing disk. I don't want to accidentally erase the original by Creating New Raid Volume.

Am I missing something?

Level 9
I think you will have to create a new mirrored raid set with different hard drives and then copy the existing media archive to the new raid drive.

Level 9
Found an encouraging tidbit on the Intel Rapid Storage Tech website. My setup meets the two pre-requisite criteria and the associated cautionary notes, i.e., the M6F has an ICH type of chipset AND the OS is already installed on a RAIDR PCIe SSD so it's not affected by switching from AHCI to RAID in BIOS.

According to Intel, all that is needed now is to install their IRST driver. What gives me pause is that installing the IRST driver is not mentioned in the RAID Support section of the ASUS User manual. Hmm.... I think the ASUS procedure assumes a clean, pre-OS install.