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How I got tricked and almost bought a Maximus VII Hero

Level 7
For the past few weeks I've been dedicating alot of my time to searching on the internet for the right components for my new build.
As soon as I saw the Maximus VII Hero, I got hot for it. The few reviews I found online praised it for its overclockability, lan, audio..
And because I'm a bit of an audiophile, I ofcourse have some good headphones with a decent soundstage (Sennheiser HD598) and high quality.

Oh man! These headphones with the absolutely INSANE onboard audio! Are you kidding me?! THIS IS GOING TO BE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. There is NO way there is going to be a problem. This is going to be a dream!

I had to make sure how amazing the experience is going to be. I decided to look up some user experience reviews of the Maximus VII Hero audio, just so I could further convince myself that this is going to be an experience some can only dream about.

But that's not what I got. Not at all.

Instead, every single mention of audio was bad.
Crackling, popping, whining, static.. I couldn't believe it. A disaster. A disgrace.
For such an absolute top notch premium product as the Maximus VII boards. The paid reviews I read almost convinced me the audio was amazing as promised in the advertisements. I got almost tricked. My dreams were crushed. And to learn that these problems persisted from the VI series is just.. I can't believe this.

Level 7
Only the HD Audio output on the SupremeFX card is unusuable for me, I believe the motherboard has too much electromagnetic interference (the motherboard goes haywire when my mobile phone receives calls in the vicinity. i.e. it crashes). But the Line Out on the card itself works perfectly for me, and I do have the same headphones as you (HD598). I can't complain about the audio on it, perfect for what I can tell.

Level 7
The headset you bought really needs its own headphone amplifier, something like a front-end amplifier.
You can't expect headphones to have fantastic sound quality with just a tiny onboard sound chip.

Level 7
I also haven't had any of the issues discussed here. I have it hooked up to a Yamaha receiver and the sound is quite good. No issues with headphones either. I am not an audiophile, but I do care about good quality sound and the Hero VII audio provides that.