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How do you report BIOS bugs?

Level 7
I checked the support page for my ASUS X570 Strix -F but don't see an option the bug has been present over the last few BIOS releases know so either it's not been noticed/reported.

This specific issue is within the memory timings since i upgraded to 4x 8GB Teamgroup Samsung B-die 3200MTs i can't overclock past 3600MTs and came across posts that people have had to set the CMD rate to 2T however using CPU-Z and HWinfo changing this setting in the BIOS has no effect even if you shut the system down completely and power back on, the option shows as selected in the BIOS but it still runs at 1T CMD. As a workaround i have to use Ryzen Master to set to 2T. Now this setting i can verify doesn't work but also using Ryzen DRAM calculator to tweak my memory results in a no POST so i suspect there maybe other memory options not working either.

I know my memory is quite capable of hitting 3600MTs at CL14 but even prior to the extra two sticks i could never get it to run with the same timings that worked on my Crosshair 6 Hero and Ryzen 1700. I thought the issue would be fixed later down the line but 3 BIOS updates later and these issues are still present.

Level 7
ASUS doesn't even fix known bad BIOSes they've posted, after telling people they're bad... of course there's no process to report issues.