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Hot Smell from (eatx12v) Maximus Ranger VII

Level 7
Hello everyone, i'm here to find some helps to my problem.
So here my configuration :
CPU : i7-4790 (clock to 4.2ghz)
MB : Asus Maximus Ranger VII
RAM : 2x G-Skill Rip-Jaws 4Go CL9 1600Mhz
Graphic : SLI Evga GTX 470
PSU : Corsair RM850
2 HDD & 2 Optical Drive in SATA

I received my new configuration (above) 3 weeks ago and I installed it with a OCZ 600W.
Everything was working fine, but there was a smell, like a burning smell, so I tried to find where the smell was coming from and I found that it was from the "Eatx12V 8pins" cable of the PSU and there was also the smell in the "Eatx12V 8pins Connector" of the motherboard (the connector near the cpu).
So I thought that it was coming only from the PSU (maybe the SLI burnt the PSU, 600W isn't enough for a SLI of 470GTX I think) and I bought a new PSU yesterday, the Corsair RM850.
Logically with enough power, there would be no smells (850W is enough to handle the SLI, no ?)
But again, this morning when I turned on my computer there was this smell but a different smell, not a burning smell but a hot smell and it was coming again from the eatx12v cable and connector.
So I'm wondering if my motherboard doesn't have a problem or something else, because even if I changed my psu, the smell is still here...
Could someone help me please?
Thanks you

Level 7
I wanna thank all of you for your help, it seems that it was coming from the fan ! Now there is no smell of burning, but I'm constantly checking if there is any smell, but nothing important !

Level 13
The thought of you smelling everything makes me wonder if we should change your user title to Lyndis the Bloodhound.. 😄