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Hot Smell from (eatx12v) Maximus Ranger VII

Level 7
Hello everyone, i'm here to find some helps to my problem.
So here my configuration :
CPU : i7-4790 (clock to 4.2ghz)
MB : Asus Maximus Ranger VII
RAM : 2x G-Skill Rip-Jaws 4Go CL9 1600Mhz
Graphic : SLI Evga GTX 470
PSU : Corsair RM850
2 HDD & 2 Optical Drive in SATA

I received my new configuration (above) 3 weeks ago and I installed it with a OCZ 600W.
Everything was working fine, but there was a smell, like a burning smell, so I tried to find where the smell was coming from and I found that it was from the "Eatx12V 8pins" cable of the PSU and there was also the smell in the "Eatx12V 8pins Connector" of the motherboard (the connector near the cpu).
So I thought that it was coming only from the PSU (maybe the SLI burnt the PSU, 600W isn't enough for a SLI of 470GTX I think) and I bought a new PSU yesterday, the Corsair RM850.
Logically with enough power, there would be no smells (850W is enough to handle the SLI, no ?)
But again, this morning when I turned on my computer there was this smell but a different smell, not a burning smell but a hot smell and it was coming again from the eatx12v cable and connector.
So I'm wondering if my motherboard doesn't have a problem or something else, because even if I changed my psu, the smell is still here...
Could someone help me please?
Thanks you

Level 14
if you have a 120mm fan. try that.
if that shorts out then there must be some thing wrong with the fan header on the motherboard.
do you know how to meshure power?

Level 7
It was 2 same 120mm fan.
Yes I know, I need to measure the voltage delivered to the cpu fan?
I'll put others fan in that cpu fan port to see if it does the same thing

Level 13
1) No more than 12V is supplied to the fans.

2) Are you certain the smell is from the fans and not something else? For instance I thought a nice curry was cooking in the kitchen. Turned out it was the neighbors two doors away.. 😄

Level 7
I tried to put a different fan (a Noctua) on the cpu fan port and the fan doesn't seem to be burning, but I don't know if it's a good proof because my Noctua has 1200 RPM and the Xigmatek has 1800 RPM.
I put my Xigmatek on a different fan port of the motherboard and in two hours he smelled the burn again and was really hot at the center
Any idea?

EDIT : Hello Raja, where do I have to measure the tension on my motherboard to see the voltage delivered to the fans ?
Yes I'm sure it comes from the fan, if you smelled the center of my fan you could definitely tell that it comes from it!

Level 13
I dont think this is a MB issue. You'd have to measure the voltage at the fan pins - depends if they are 4-pin or 3 pin. 4-pin is duty cycle control. 3-pin is DC.

Level 7
Hello I got big news ! I tested the fan on a different motherboard and he was burning as hell too ! So it's definitely the fan !
I'm going to put back the stock ventirad given by Intel to see if there is the smell.
Do I still have to measure the voltages ? I don't know how to do that if there is more than 2 pins, the voltmeter has only 2 cable, no ?

Level 13
Don't measure anything. No need.

Level 40
All you need to do is keep a nose on things. In other words let your sense of smell be your guide here. It will be highly unlikely that the fan header is the cause of the fan having an issue, so you can fit another fan with some confidence.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Funny thing I had a spark, but no smell. Then the cpu would not switch on. After a min it did. Then the cpu case light and fans would not work. It could be something with motherboard led light. I replaced 1 fan, used the side only for air in. Solution - take out the led connection to the case.

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Level 40
So you are sorted now?

Enjoy your system.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.