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Hot Smell from (eatx12v) Maximus Ranger VII

Level 7
Hello everyone, i'm here to find some helps to my problem.
So here my configuration :
CPU : i7-4790 (clock to 4.2ghz)
MB : Asus Maximus Ranger VII
RAM : 2x G-Skill Rip-Jaws 4Go CL9 1600Mhz
Graphic : SLI Evga GTX 470
PSU : Corsair RM850
2 HDD & 2 Optical Drive in SATA

I received my new configuration (above) 3 weeks ago and I installed it with a OCZ 600W.
Everything was working fine, but there was a smell, like a burning smell, so I tried to find where the smell was coming from and I found that it was from the "Eatx12V 8pins" cable of the PSU and there was also the smell in the "Eatx12V 8pins Connector" of the motherboard (the connector near the cpu).
So I thought that it was coming only from the PSU (maybe the SLI burnt the PSU, 600W isn't enough for a SLI of 470GTX I think) and I bought a new PSU yesterday, the Corsair RM850.
Logically with enough power, there would be no smells (850W is enough to handle the SLI, no ?)
But again, this morning when I turned on my computer there was this smell but a different smell, not a burning smell but a hot smell and it was coming again from the eatx12v cable and connector.
So I'm wondering if my motherboard doesn't have a problem or something else, because even if I changed my psu, the smell is still here...
Could someone help me please?
Thanks you

Level 10
check with your fingers and feel if the cover of the connector is hot in some areas. if there is bad connections between two pins it will act as a resistor and heat up. also if one of the pins connected to a cable in the connector has been assembled wrongly then it can give same result. Make sure the connectors are all the way down so the snaplock is on. if you cant feel anything on the connectors you can also do the same touching under the Motherboard on those pins and then try follow the heat to its origin.

using the MB and GPU in SLi with too small GPU surely strained the Powersupply to potentially drop voltages. while the PSU might survive such in some cases other components then might have been burned due to the low voltage and too high current they would get.
It started with a VIC-20... and now it is. Maximus Formula VI Intel 4770K 4.6GHz ASUS GTX780Ti 3GB Corsair Platinum Dominator 16GB 2400MHz Raid Express 240GB Samsung EVO 512 GB SSD Corsair 900D EK watercooling Corsair RM1000 ASUS PB278Q

I just got a 8 pins socket not 2x4, so I can't do that.
When I'm looking at HWMonitor it shows 11,808V min and 12V max for the 12V.

I bought a new PSU just for this and there's still the smell, so do you still think it's the PSU ?

EDIT : I checked on the bios and it shows 12V for 12V so I think it's good

Level 7
Thanks for the reply.
I touched the connector of the mb and of the psu but it's not hot at all, the smell comes from the inside of the connectors.
I checked and they both seem to be assembled correctly.

I didn't understand what u meant, I need to touch the back of the motherboard while it's turned on ?

So you think that one of the component of the motherboard might be burned ? Or other component as the cpu or hdd ?
It should be better to return all my new pc (cpu, mb, ram) back (I just bought it 3 weeks ago) ?
If it's the case, do you think my return will be accepted just by the fact that there's a hot smell ?

And the smell become more important when I'm playing big games. I can smell it at 1 meter even if the case of the computer is closed.

Level 7
Perhaps you can try to swap the 2 4 pin sockets on the Eatx12V 8pins.

Another thing check the voltages on the bios, if it really is 12V. There is a another part of the motherboard where all the voltages can be checked with a voltage meter.

You can also use a PSU tester, as it may work on another motherboard, but they may be something wrong with PSU.

Level 40
Swap out your PSU...
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 40
The smell often remains for some time. Check and see if you can see any scorch marks on the board, if the smell is fresh and burns the nose then pull your entire system and check for the short.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Okay. Yesterday I pulled out the entire system and I checked if there was any marks on the board, but there's nothing.

I got news, I tested my computer but not in the case, I pulled out all the component and placed them on a polystyrene.
So, I played a big game to see if the smell was still here on the eatxv12 and the psu and while I was playing, there was no smell from both.
Just the smell of my gpu. (a gtx470 is really hot)
I'm really lost now, because I put back all my component in the case and the smell came back...
It's only when all the component are in the case, out of the case it's just the gpu

Level 40
I would suggest that one of your case fans or some other item that is in your case has a short. Check each wire and connection.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Hi again I found out where the smell really comes from.
I was using my computer as usual today and the smell was getting more and more important as the time passes.
So I turned it off and checked where it could come again. I touched the fan of my Xigmatek Janus (the fan at the top) and the center of the fan (the motor I think) was really really hot like it was burning, so I pulled it out and smelled it and it smelled the burn, a very very heavy smell.
I had another fan (the same) and I pulled it in and in 2 hours the smell came back and the fan was hot again and there was again a big burning smell coming from the center of the fan.
It's strange because it did the same with two same fans but I checked on internet if someone had the same issue with this cpu fan but nobody...
What do you think?