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horrible rma experience

Level 7
my asus rampage iii extreme motherboard stop posting one day so after some troubleshooting i decided to rma it since it was still under warranty. but then after a week of no response for asus about my rma i began calling asus service everyday to try to find out why i havent heard anything about my rma finally someone emailed me for asus informing me that the motherboard had a seriously damaged corner and they will not fix it. they attacted a photo of the damaged corner in the email. i emailed them back stating that when i packed the motherboard it had no such damage and i had proof because as per advice on ( which i am a member of) i took several pictures of the motherboard as i was packing it. so then they told me that it was somehow damaged in shipping and they would charge me $280 to fix it. but in order to damage the motherboard as they showed in the picture the package and packing material would have to be severely damaged and they would not have accepted it in the first place. because of this im going out tweet, facebook,email,blog,youtube,and post many times on my forum and join some others forums as well in oder to make as many people as possible aware of this experience

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Sorry to hear of this.
Thank you for bringing this forward.
Something must surely be accountable to this.
An end brought to it across the board.

Can you post that image?
What of the packaging, even for their own defense.

The burden is the shippers or the manufacturers not the user.imo.

Welcome to ROG.
Forward all your information to cl-albert the current goTo guy
here on the forum.c.

I would advice anyone who RMA's anything in this day and age to video the the item and the packing process, most phones have this function.
Photo's aren't in all fairness proof of how it left you.
I do also think this should be the same for the company receiving the item, again it is their proof as how the item is received i.e packaging, condition etc.
This would then allow the end user to prove that the company involved are indeed trying to discredit the end user and get out of a genuine RMA and vice versa.
I am sorry to hear your experience has been so negative, hopefully Asus will investigate your claims and address any issues on their end.
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Most importantly, did you pay for shipping insurance? If so, you should be able to do a damage claim with the courier company and get your money back. If not, you are SOL.

Techotic wrote:
Most importantly, did you pay for shipping insurance? If so, you should be able to do a damage claim with the courier company and get your money back. If not, you are SOL.
I would have thought that once the courier company took possession of your goods, they were legally responsible to handle them with sufficient care. Doesn't sound like they did that.
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^ It is dependent on the contract you signed with the shipper. If you cheap out, and don't pay for extra insurance to cover cost of the board (in case of damage, or goes missing), they are only legally obligated to pay the minimum amount set out in the contract - which is usually (package weight) x (some low dollar amount), or a set amount with express services.

I used to deal with various couriers on a daily basis, and handled many damage claims, so I know this all too well. Regardless, if I were the OP, I would put in a damage claim with the courier ASAP. If it was uninsured, he still maybe able to argue and convince them to cover the cost of the board. Of course, this would be a lot easier if he paid for extra insurance.