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High Pitch Sound coming out from speakers the whole time.

Level 8
So i have an Maximus VI Extreme.

My Cpu is really overcloacked. (i mean...more than the normal overclock for this one)

I have a set of viewsonic 2.1 speakers.
And i hear this pitch sound on them, like a hiss...almost nothing, but it's there.
If i mute'em i still hear it.

If i plug the speakers to an ipod, mobile, ipad, any other "device"
I DON'T hear the hiss.

This could be due to my overclock?
I haven't been able to test another speakers on this rig.

BTW i have a 1000w psu.

Level 7
Perhaps your microphone is being output to speakers? Go to recording devices, microphone and uncheck 'Monitoring' and 'Listen to this device'. Make sure Line In or other auxiliary inputs are not playing through speakers either.

Level 8
It is highly unlikely the sound issue is being caused by your overclock.

Does the sound issue happen when you plug the speakers into the front audio panel?

Try another set of speakers or headphones and see if the hiss stops. Make sure to install the latest drivers for the sound as well.
Hi, I have now retired from ASUS support, please refer problems to current @ASUS/cl- usernames.

Level 8
First of all; I'm sooo sorry for not answering that fast, personally i don't like when ppl, don't reply fast.
I know how it feels now. Gee...i'm so so so sorry.


Well, you see Undesirable; My mic is not being "heard" by my speakers. Everything is well set on the Realtek Hd Audio Manager

And with something that cl-Mark@Asus says here;

When ever i plug my ROG headphones, the hiss stops (through the headphones) I cannot hear it anymore 🙂

(ok in other word's; so when i shut down my speakers and use my headphones.....there's no hiss on the headphones)

I've realized THIS *speakers hiss* only happens when i have the speakers on; at a very high volume.

I'll test another set of speakers (a home stereo) plugged to my rig.

And if they hiss too, then is due to my overclock, right?

If they don't hiss, then i have blasted my computer speakers haha 😮

Level 11
I got this for 1st time ever on new Bios 1505 and DC CPU.

Its random and if I boot PC up and you have same issue as myself you will have no soundcard visible to PC (dedicated not on-board).

Speakers will make a horrid noise, rebooting will not fix, entering Bios and exiting will not fix it it but power down and restart will or in Bios swapping to Bios 2.