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Hibernation is useless, it works the same as sleep.

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This is really annoying. There's virtually no difference between using sleep or hibernation in windows. The PC wakes up from any button press. And even worse, even by moving a wireless mouse. The only practical difference is that the LED only blinks during sleep.

To make matters worse, during the start of hibernation (or sleep) sequence, if I happen to press something or move the mouse, the PC immediately wakes up, as the process is finished, which can be a lengthy process if lot of stuff is open and needs to be written on the disk. Super illogical and annoying.

Is there some bios setting that I can change that I consistently fail to find? Or what else can I do. I'm getting fed up with the way it works.

I have a PRIME B350-PLUS.


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you can stop devices from waking from sleep by going to Device Manager > Right Click Device > Power Management > untick Allow this device to wake the computer.


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

That helps a little, I guess. As far as accidental restarts go. Thanks.

But the main issue is that the PC should only "wake" from hibernation via the power button. But right now every device can start it. This is abnormal. The computer should be powered down, the same as with shutdown, and on boot load into the memory stuff from the hibernation file.

Maybe even odder is the fact that key/button presses, mouse movements are buffered during shutdown, and the mobo immediately restarts the computer. Whether I was trying to send it sleep or hibernation.

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Well, unticking for all the mice items didn't even help, it still wakes up if I move the wireless mouse.