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Hero VII cant boot Memtestx86 from USB

Level 7
Hello there i have problem whit booting Memtestx86 from USB.
Tryed USB 2.0 ports too.
Also CSM is set to enabled and still wont boot.
Setting just OPROM or Legacy same result.
Was trying to unload Key management still same result.
My system specs are in my profile info.

I was having TDRs(no such problems whit 350.12 also today nVidia guy is posting hotfix to fix TDRs i had whit Chrome and Desktop) whit my Strix 980 so i was going to test my RAM.

When i run Windows Memory Diagnostic tool it freezes after some times and self restarts to Windows whitout log and i cant even find results in Even Viewer.
So i was eager to run lastest Memtestx86.

I dont have any problems whit my system as far i can tell you.