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Hero VII audio...only left channel works....

Level 7
Good morning everyone!

So this happend the other day and I havent come across a fix yet. My right channel just stopped working. I have tried with headphones and two sets of 2.1 speakers. I have uninstalled the drivers and it did not fix the issue. I have updated the drivers and still nothing. Everything has been working fine for the past month and the build is brand new. Is there a fix for this that I am not seeing or do I need to return/RMA? 😞 😞 😞 😞

The bios are all up-to-date and my os is Win 7 64 bit.

Level 7

With drivers installed I get a massive buzz/fuzz from the front jack. If I play music or a game the fuzz disappears but comes back as soon as either of those two activities stop. With the Realtec drivers uninstalled the front jack works fine. HOWEVER....while the front jack works fine without the Realtec drivers the rear jack still only puts audio out on the left channel.

Is this a hardware failure or driver issue somewhere? I have used the latest Realtec drivers and the ones before that (both available on Asus's website). Any help would be greatly appreciated guys! 🙂

Level 7
So no one on here as ANY idea what the problem might be? These are supposed to be the official forums of what is supposed to be a high-quality, high premium motherboard series and yet....its a ghost town around here. Are there any actual support staff from Asus to help?

Is this a hardware failure, a driver issue or am I unlucky enough to have a combination of both of those issues at one time? I KNOW someone around here has some idea of what the problem is. I would be extremely surprised if I was the only person to experience this issue.

Level 7
I experienced this problem using Sonic Soundstage If it's enabled, disable it and then reboot your computer. Also, if you haven't updated to the latest drivers, you should do so.

Does not work. With the newest drivers installed and Sonic Soundstage disable I still have no audio on the right channel and still the constant fuzz from the front jack. The only way to get audio on both sides is to use the Windows HD drivers and the front jack. The rear is borked from what I can tell. I am really disappointed as I bought this motherboard new back in October so its barely a month old and I thought the components (capacitors and such) were supposed to be of high quality.

I appreciate your reply and help!