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hero VII & i7 4970k too high vcore

Level 7
Hello. I recently bought the maximus hero VII and a i7 4790k

I updated the bios with the AI suite 3 software to the 2201 version (guess that's the lastest version )
I keeped all the bio setting to default, so most of them are set to auto. ( i just turned off the extra MB red light stuff, and setup fan speed in PWR )

I use the lastest AI suite 3 ( V10083 ) and just setup my own profil into Xfan xpert3
So the TPU thing, set my CPU to 4.4mhz max. Until there, its perfectly fine.

but i saw that the vcore goes up to 1.344 ( ai suite3 value, CPU-Z tell me 1.325 ) at 100% load ( tested with OCCT ) which is, according to somes ppl ( from other forum ) with the same cpu and same 4.4mhz speed.. clearly high.

My beginner assumption about that : AI suite3 TPU boost that much the Vcore during load.

So my question is, how do I change the TPU setting to keep the 4.4mhz and vcore in adaptative, but get a "normal" lower vcore voltage when full load ?

thanks !

PS: i hope my explanation was clear enough. Never been used to tweak thoses things, and my english is far to be perfect.

Hello wootwoots,

What you can do is set the ai overclock tuner to manual, set the cpu core voltage 1.20v and test with OCCT. If you pass drop the cpu core voltage to 1.19v and test again. keep dropping it.01v until you are unstable, then bring it back up a notch.

Once you find stability at the lowest voltage you can switch to adaptive mode, this will throttle your cpu when at idle.

Level 7
Hello, by AI overlock you mean "TurboV Processing Unit (TPU)" ?
In that case i tried that.
1- I just changed to manual, and to 1.20v, it asked me if i wanted to change CPU and DRAM alim and i said Yes.
2- did touched any values from default

Thing is, in OCCT, the stay at 4.0mhz instead of 4.4mhz. !? is that normal ?
the occt result look "ok" i just have somes strange 'step" like that
-memory usage :
- temp :
I just find strange thoses temp "spikes", had the same things with the default TPU setting ( but higher temp 😞 to like 90°c when around 70-77°c depending of the "steps" )

And about the adaptative.. how do you know the lower and higher voltage value ? actualy it only show that.. without giving any numerical value !?

Will wait your answer to go further in the test ^^

Level 7
EDIT : Sorry, didnt understood that the ai overclock tuner was something in the bios...

really not used to tweak all thoses setting.

How do you notice when its unstable ? ( i'am doing the test correctly this time ^^ thought i could just use Ai suite3 at first, but it look like it create somes issue 🙂 )

Level 7
Ok, so from my test with OCCT the stable vcore is at 1.170. ( the 1.16 turned into a blue screen with a 15min OCCT test )
Also, when i set the Ai overlock to manual, the bios turn off the VRM spread Spectrum, and the anti-surge support. Are thoses setting important ?

But hm, now i'am pretty confused, how do i go back to adaptative mode in AI suite 3 TPU with the "fixed" vcore ?
because in Ai suite3 TPU its now selected as manual.

It looks like 1.17v is the lowest you can go with the voltage, that's a lot better than 1.344v wouldn't you say?

I'm not sure how to change ai suite I don't use that but you can change the cpu core voltage to adaptive.

Level 7
yes its clearly better 🙂 it also help a lot with t°c.. nearly 15°c less than with the 1.325( cpu-z value 1.344 is the AI suite 3 ) value from OCCT test..

how can i change the cpu core voltage to adaptive and keep the 1.17vcore ?
( i'am sorry i'am a real beginner with all thoses setting, checking that since 3days only)

About the VRM spread Spectrum, and the anti-surge support bios setting, are thoses important ? ( i turned them back to on like as default since the bios disable them when i go to Ai overclock manual )

thanks for yours answers 🙂

Level 7
I would suggest to put those settings in bios yourself, not through AI Suite 3. I never had AI Suite 3 work for me so I uninstalled it and just use the bios for my settings. My CPU is not a good overclocker so 4.4 is good enough for me. Set the bios settings you want, and you can leave a majority of the settings at auto or default settings. If AI Suite 3 is working for you then set it to adaptive and check that all the settings are correct, but do know that you shouldn't run a stress test in adaptive mode, only manual mode with a fixed V-Core.

Level 7
Why shouldn't I run a stress test in adaptive, but only manual ?

Well, even in the bios i can setup vcore in adaptive, but i have no idea what to fill in except the 1.17 value, that's why i ask for help too 🙂
mainly the "way" to find out what value work for my CM-CPU

About Ai suite3, dunno, so far it finaly look to "just" reflect the bios setting. But strange thing, i uninstalled it just to do a try ( used the AI suite 3 cleaner found on this forum ) and.. the CPU fan wasnt using the bios setting.. it was just sitting at ~550rpm... ( like if somes ai suite 3 setting was still there despite the uninstallation 😞 )

Wouldnt it better to have a Vcore in adaptive too instead of constantly having "full vcore voltage" also when the CPU is in idle at ~800mhz ?

Thanks for the answer and help 🙂

wootwoots wrote:
Why shouldn't I run a stress test in adaptive, but only manual ?

Many stress testing apps like Prime95, AIDA ect. use AVX instruction sets that will exceed the adaptive voltage limits set in your bios by ~ .1v