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Hero VI - Win10 - DTS Connect Surround Sound 5.1

Level 7
Useful info:

I currently have the following issues:
- microphone volume too low in most applications
- Front Left speaker louder than the other speakers

With this setup:
Win10 Pro 1511
Asus Maximus Hero VI
Optical connection to receiver
Optical Audio Device set to use DTS Connect 5.1

I tried the both drivers currently available from Asus (Version and Version and several directly from Realtek. I also tried the generic Win10 driver.
- Asus Drivers have the above mentioned problems.
- Realtek Drivers don't seem work at all and the Audio management freezes. On others the Surround doesn't work at all.
- Generic Win10 driver doesn't have the above mentioned problems, but DTS Connect doesn't show up as default format, so no surround sound.

I don't want to fiddle around with Preview Builds of Win10 and I don't want to use registry hacks that disable Netflix and Amazon Prime playback.
So is buying a simple soundcard like an Asus Xonar DSX going to fix this? I'd still be using Win10 and the optical connection, but the Xonar is using a different chip with different drivers. So the ultimate question is: is this a Win10 - DTS Connect - Optical Cable problem or is the Realtek driver the main culprit?