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Hero VI - HDD Sleep BIOS settings

Level 10

Being having a weird problem with my Seagate Enterprise drives.
I have 3 x Seagate Enterprise NAS drives setup as a stripe in Windows 7 as data storage and a Samsung 850 Evo as a boot and system drive.
No matter what power settings I chose in Windows , the Seagate drives kept spinning down and up very often, even when I was working at the computer.
This meant that accessing a program stored on that volume would result in a ~3 seconds delay, while the drives were spinning up.
This delay and the spinning up and down noise were driving me crazy, so I opened a ticket with Seagate, which lead to no fix.

Just yesterday I wanted to redo all BIOS settings for better performance, so I loaded the BIOS defaults and changed only a few settings (none related to power savings)
Since the BIOS reset, the Seagate drives are not spinning down/up anymore, which is exactly what I wanted in the first place 🙂

So my question is:
Any clue what setting(s) in Hero's BIOS can lead to such behavior?

Later edit:
After the 1st reboot, it started doing it again 😞

Even later edit:
It seems after the first BIOS reset, HDDs only went to sleep couple of times and since then, no more problems, meaning no more spin down/up.
This is not the first time a BIOS reset would solve a problem on my Hero VI but would love to know why or what caused this problem.

Thank you.