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Hero intel lan driver and WOL issues

Level 7
Hi little back story I haven been trying to get WOL working on my rig but can't get it to respond to the magic packet. So checked over my settings everything seemed fine until i compared my wife's pc running the exact same maximus hero board.

Basically I am missing all the advanced intel driver options when opening the properties menu from the device manager.

Here are 2 screen shots the one with all the tabs is my wife's pc where wol works and the one with the basic windows options is mine. Both have the same mobo and windows 7 64. The machines are identical except for the video cards. I have tried to re install the drivers and software but never get the extra options. Does any one have any ideas.

Thank you


Level 13
A wild guess based on the battery warning in your screenshot -- does windows think you have a laptop? Perhaps the power plan is set to 'Power Saver' that might be better for a laptop.

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power options (on Win 7 Pro. Which windows version are you using?)

You may have covered the other suggestion already -- download the latest Intel Ethernet driver from the Asus Hero support site.


Level 7
Well i check the powersetting and it is set to samsung high performance(samsung SSD). Im running win 7 64 ultimate and have re downloaded and reinstalled the drivers. I'm not sure what to try next, seems like something is stopping the install of the extra intel software.

Level 13

Try uninstalling the Samsung software or a fresh install without the Samsung software. It is known to result in different issues.