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Hero - boot shutdown + time clock error

Level 7

Before I send my mobo to RMA, maybe you could have some advice for me.

i7-4770k, Maximus VI Hero, latest BIOS as of April 8th (1402), r9 280 tri-x, stock settings in bios, never OC'd, Silverstone ST60P-F 600w...

1) Mine shuts down a few seconds into Windows 8.1 boot logo then shuts off, and I hit the power button again and it starts up fine the second (sometimes event third or fourth) time. Only happens when the computer's been off for a while... When it is about to restart, I can hear something like "click-click" from the case (psu?). PSU working normally with another configuration (i7 3770k+16gb ram+7970).

2) Time clock error... known to everyone.

Any advice?

Thank you very much!

Level 9
Have you tried a different power supply? If not, maybe it's a heat issue? Is the heat sink making complete contact with the CPU?

Level 7
Well, I did not try with another PSU cause I don't have one, but I will make sure to get one from a friend and test it.

I applied Frozen Time Clock fix and it works for now. Clock is happily ticking. Thank you Chino. This boot shutdown is bothering me now.