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help with mobo

Level 7
hi there ive recently just purchased a i7 3770k cpu and a sus rog maximus v formula mobo what the problem is is im running a gtx 970 on the board and when i put it in the pcie slot1 it shows up as 2.0 x16 not 3.0 x16 like it should be if i put the gpu into slot 2 it shows as 3.0 x8 but if i put it back into slot one it still showing as pcie 2.0 not 3.0 can anybody help as to why i cant set it in the bios to gen3 and run it as 3.o like it should be it very frustrating lol

Hi sharook1986

Install GPU-Z and see what it's showing, it shows mine at pcie x16 3.0 @ pcie x16 1.1

When I put a load on it, it ramps up to pcie x16 3.0

Click the pics to make them bigger.



for some reason every now and then it also runs in 4x i really dont get this

heres another but this time it says 2.0 x16 i dont get it ive changed it in the bios and it jus wont show on my display when set in gen 3 if i put the gpu in slot 2 it runs in 3.0 x8 so i know the 3.0 working i jus dont think it working properly on this mobo unless im doing something wrong

Ive reseated it a few times and still no luck

just an update at least one or 2 of the socket pins ave broke off or something (what u get for buying a secondhand board) anyways thats why so need to see if can get socket repaired now