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Help with BIOS settings; TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI)

Level 7
After hearing so many positives reviews about this motherboard I purchased one. However can't seem to find a clear and definitive guide on how tune BIOS settings to: 1) achieve maximum single core boost performance from my 3700x, 2) achieve best memory overclock that's stable for gaming Apex Legends, Battlefield V etc.

So far using the DRAM Calculator I've been able to overclock my G.Skill FlareX 3200 CL14 kit to 3800MT/s (Fclk 1900MHz) [16-17-16-16-32-48 1T], but even though passing stress testing with Prime95 (29.7) & Aida64 overnight, games mentioned above crash. 3700x is cooled by 240mm AIO and graphics card is Gigabyte GTX 1080Ti with EVGA Hybrid waterblock AIO, with core overclocked MSI Afterburner "curve" profile and +300 memory clock.

So far I've been able to run: -50mV offset CPU voltage, SoC at 1.100 V, DRAM 1.40 V as per DRAM Calculator, DiGi+VRM settings: CPU Level 4, 120%, 300, T.Probe, Manual, Ultra Fast. SoC Level 3, 120%, 300, Optimal. Performance Enhancer left on Auto, does this affect anything? Bias same again, left on Auto, does it even do anything? Just want to run PBO but even that's not straight forward setting. There's CBS and AMD Overclocking menu's and changing settings doesn't seem to work properly. CPU max boost 3,342MHz (43.5 x 99.80) with Agesa ABBA 1201 BIOS version, temp wise max 69 ° c.

TL;DR Anyone owns TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) care to share some of their settings and experiences here please?