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help with an old X79 board (boot prolem)

Level 7
Moved from general forum (sorry)

hope someone could help me.

i had a rampage formula IV (x79 plattform) with a 3820 (oced to 4.4) with no problems. Bios was 2.4v i think

today i update bios to lastest v.5001 because i get a 4930k.

everything seems to go well except booting windows (double boot and too long time)

the system start to boot with logo asus, and then show me this:

without touch any key, system restart 2 times and then log in windows 10.

with my previous CPU and BIOS i log in windows only with 3-5 seconds

i got some pics in new bios (when i log in bios, it changed boot order from Samsung to opticard DvD-rom)

i dont know why my SSD windows drive is named P2 and data HDD WDC....

i think it migth be a BIOS problem, but i dont know what i can do...

edit: video added
I7 3820@4.5(1.29v)// RampageIV Formula // NH-D14 Se2011 + akasa apache (12+14cm)
Palit GTX580 815c// RV-02 // 8gb GEIL evo Corsa-2240-12-12-12-36(1.52v)
WD 500 Black // Seagate Eco 1GB // Crucial M4 128gb // LEPA G900W