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HELP NEEDED! stuttering and mini-freeze for up to 3 sec. when gaming.

Level 7
so as the titel says I have a problem with my custom build pc, it's about 1 - 2 years old i think, and i have had this problem since i started it the first time. it's not all games that i have this problem with, but games like diablo 3, league of legends and mass effekt gives me this problem. i have tried to fix it with many solutions but nothing has worked so far. i had hoped that updating my BIOS would do the trick or when i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10, the problem would have gone away, but sadly that was not the case. i have triede to installe a water cooler to my cpu and made sure to check my temps all the time, but that is not the problem either. but what i have noticed that helped a little, was when i changed a few settings in the nvidia controlpanel and when i went into my BIOS and changed a power setting. commonly believed to be the cause of the problem. but all of this only reduced the problem and did not fix it. all i can say for myself is, that i believe that my problem lays somewhere in my BIOS or CPU, maybe the powercontrol to the CPU since i have seen the voltage on my cpu going up and down all the time, it swings from 17V to 24V so i don't know if that's a problem. also when i was in the BIOS i found a mode called EZ mode and when i'm in there i can change powersettings between (power saving, normal and optimized). but if i try to change to optimized and press "save and reset" it ask's me if i want to change power saving from disabled to enabled. i have also triede to change the power settings in AI3 and in power management. i have also triede to change my graphics to the lowest in the games that i have the problem with, and that did not help one bit either.

i have used these programs to try and find out what the problem could be: CPU-Z, latencymon and afterburner.

Level 7
Exactly same problem. Mini freezes while playing LoL or Hearthstone...

SkaPtainKirk wrote:
Exactly same problem. Mini freezes while playing LoL or Hearthstone...

Same problem here with
Win10 Home 64bit 1511 and 1607
Asus H97 pro Gamer

Does happen while surfing the web and i´m listening webradio (i use foobar) in background.

What do i mean with freezing?
a freeze is this:
freeze for 0,5 ~1 Sec
Audio beganns to stutter like *EHEHEH* AND the Mouse pointer freeze too for the same time.

When this happened, the PC is normal in use again! it´s not neccassary to start the PC by "hardreset"