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Help me to get 4.5ghz stable[Bios template attached]

Level 7
3930k C2
Rampage iv extreme 4901
32 gb of ram 2400mhz using this kit
swiftech 220x cooling
psu seasonic 1250w xseries

can't get 4.5ghz stable doesn't matter what i do after running prime for 5-10 minutes i am getting bsod with 0x101 error.
my bios template:

Extreme Tweaker Menu
Ai Overclock Tuner: X.M.P
CPU Level Up: Disabled
Bclk freq: 100.000
CPU Strap: 100MHz
ClockGen Full Reset: Enabled
Turbo Ratio: By All Cores
By all cores : 45
CPU Clock Gen Filter: Enabled
Memory Freq: DDR3-2400mHz
Extreme Tweaking: Disabled
EPU Power Saving Mode: Disabled
Extreme OV: Disabled
Bclk Skew: Auto
CPU Vcore : Manual mode
CPU Vcore Voltage (offset): 1.360
VTT CPU Voltage: 1.1
2nd VTTCPU Voltage: auto
CPU VCCSA Manual Voltage: 1.1
DRAM V (A, B): 1.650
DRAM V (C, D): 1.650
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.8
PCH Voltage: Auto
VTTDR Voltage (A, B): Auto
VTTDR Voltage (C, D): Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIe Spread Spectrum: Disabled

DRAM Timing Control
Rampage Tweak : Auto
CAS: 10
RAS to CAS Delay: 12
RAS Pre Time: 12
RAS ACT Time: 31
Command Mode: 2

Digi+ Power Control Submenu
CPU Load-Line Calibration(LLC): High
CPU current capability: 130%
CPU Voltage Freq: Auto
VRM Over Temperature Protection: Disabled
CPU Power Duty Control: T.Probe
VCore MOS voltage Control: Auto
CPU Power Phase Control: Extreme (grayed out - can't change?)
CPU Vcore Boot Up Voltage: Auto
VCCSA Load-Line Calibration(LLC): Auto
VCCSA Current Capability: 120%
VCCSA Fixed Freq: 300
CPU VCCSA Boot Up Voltage: Auto
CPU VTT Switching Freq: 1.3x
CPU VTT Over-Current Protection: Disabled
DRAM-AB Current Capability: 120%
DRAM-AB Voltage Frequency: Auto
DRAM-AB Power Phase Control: Optimized
DRAM-CD Current Capability: 120%
DRAM-CD Voltage Frequency: Auto
DRAM-CD Power Phase Control: Optimized
PCH Switching Freq: 1.3x

CPU Performance Settings Submenu:
CPU Ratio: auto
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology: Disabled
Turbo mode: Enabled
Power Limit Control: Auto

Advanced Menu
CPU Configuration Submenu:
Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor: Disabled
Hyper-threading: Enabled
Active Processor Cores: All
Limit CPUID Maximum: Enabled
Execute Disable Bit: Enabled
Hardware Prefetcher: Enabled
Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch: Enabled
DCU Streamer Prefetcher: Enabled
DCCU IP Prefetcher: Enabled
Intel Virtualization Tech: Enabled

CPU Power Management submenu
CPU Ratio: Auto
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology: Disabled
Turbo mode: Enabled
CPU C1E: Disabled ALL
Monitor Settings
Anti Surge Support: Disabled

what i am doing wrong?

Level 40
Hmmm for a start running two kits of dual channel RAM might not help stability....but x101 is pretty much guaranteed to be a lack of Vcore

Try setting the RAM up manually by inputting XMP timings manually (maybe raise VTT and VCCSA to 1.15..1.2v) and raising vcore...

The 3930K is going to be happier on that board with a BIOS from the 3xxx series 3504...3301....use BIOS flashback method to flash...back...

The 3930K is going to be happier on that board with a BIOS from the 3xxx series 3504...3301....use BIOS flashback method to flash...back...

So the 4XXX were made for the newer CPU'S is that why? Don't mean to highjack the thread!!!!

Level 40
Yes, that's correct...more IB-E centric...and can set memory timings differently for RAM for example which can give some people problems....repeat some...not all

Level 9
Your offset voltage should not be that high you should only require a small voltage to allow the CPU to boost up to the max clocks. Before setting any multipliers or settings with you CPU at stock settings run aida64 and find what voltage the CPU is maxing at. Then with a fixed voltage tune in your clock with a multiplier of 45 and when you find a stable voltage that is the offset you want. OC CPU V - STOCK CPU V= OFFSET VOLTAGE. Otherwise change the offset mode to a fixed voltage.
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