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Help me get my 4,7 oc stable

Level 7
Well I finally got some decent stable oc at 4,7 ghz with my mem running at 2400. I also oc a little my titans and all the games/benchmarks runs fine. The only problem I have is in the boot process. Sometimes boots fine, but most of the time, it can't, no image and code 79. Sometimes reset itself in a loop until finally give me error oc screen and to enter the bios. When I get it to boot at 4,7 all runs fine in windows, so it is only an adjustment I need to get everytime to boot. Also, after achiving this I want to see how much little far I can get. I have 4,7 with my titans running at 950/1544 and all goes ok. I try 4,8 ghz with titans at default clock and also goes all fine, but when I try 4,8 with titans at 950 some benchs start giving me errors. So I need little fine tune to get it stable. I want to see how far I can push with my current cooling, which is all stock air for the titans and the h100i for my cpu. Not all good watercooled system like it should, but I'm plan to build a good one maybe next year if i get the money. Anyway this is my current settings at 4,7 ghz, so anyone can check and tell me where I can fine tune to get it to boot at all times.

Extreme Tweaker
Ai Overclock Tuner: X.M.P.
CPU Level Up: Disabled
XMP DDR3-2401 9-11-11-31-2N-1.65v-1.25v: Profile #1
BCLK Frecuency: 100.000
CPU Strap: Auto
ClockGen Full Reset: Enabled
CPU Core Ratio: Sync All Cores
1-Core Ratio Limit: 47
2-Core Ratio Limit: 47
3-Core Ratio Limit: 47
4-Core Ratio Limit: 47
5-Core Ratio Limit: 47
6-Core Ratio Limit: 47
Internal PLL Overvoltage: Auto
CPU Clock Gen Filter: Enabled
DRAM Frecuency: DDR3-2400MHz
Xtreme Tweaking: Disabled
EPU Power Saving Mode: Disabled
Extreme OV: Disabled
BCLK Skew: -2
CPU VCORE Voltage: Offset Mode
Offset Mode Sign: +
CPU VCORE Offset Voltage: 0.105
VTT CPU Voltage: 1.27500
2nd VTTCPU Voltage: Auto
CPU VCCSA Voltage: Manual Mode
CPU VCCSA Manual Voltage: 1.250
DRAM Voltage (CHA, CHB): 1.665
DRAM Voltage (CHC, CHD): 1.665
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.91250
PCH 1.1v Voltage: Auto
VTTDDR Voltage (CHA, CHB): Auto
VTTDDR Voltage (CHC, CHD): Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled

Extreme Tweaker\ DRAM Timing Control

Rampage Tweak: Auto
Primary Timings
DRAM CAS# Latency: 9
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay: 11
DRAM RAS# PRE Time: 11
DRAM RAS# ACT Time: 31
DRAM Command Rate: 2
Latency Boundary: Auto
From Secondary Timings to the end: all auto

Extreme Tweaker\ DIGI+ Power Control

CPU Vcore
CPU Load-Line Calibration: High
CPU Current Capability: 140%
CPU Voltage Frecuency: Auto
VRM Over Temperature Protection: Auto
CPU Power Duty Control: T.Probe
Vcore MOS volt. Control: Auto
CPU Power Phase Control: Extreme
CPU VCORE Boot Up Voltage: Auto ---------------------> I think changing this will help/solve the problem, but which value?

VCCSA Load-line Calibration: Auto
VCCSA Current Capability: 100%
VCCSA Fixed Frecuency: 300
CPU VCCSA Boot Up Voltage: Auto ---------------------> Maybe changing this too, but again, which value?

CPU VTT Switching Freq: Auto
CPU VTT Over-Current Protection: Enabled

DRAM Voltage
DRAM-AB Current Capability: 100%
DRAM-AB Voltage Frequency: Auto
DRAM-AB Power Phase Control: Auto
DRAM-CD Current Capability: 100%
DRAM-CD Voltage Frequency: Auto
DRAM-CD Power Phase Control: Auto

PCH 1.1V
PCH 1.1V Switching Freq: Auto

Extreme Tweaker\ CPU Performance Settings

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology: Enabled
Turbo Mode: Enabled

Turbo Mode Parameters

Power Limit Control: Auto

I don't know if needed any more settings from BIOS, any other menu like Advanced. If needed I can post it too. I also have an LSI 9265-8i which I use with 4 Intel 520 240 GB in RAID 0 for system, programs and games. So maybe the code 79 CSM problem comes from here. Sometimes disabling the PCI-e slot where the card is, solve the boot at 4,7. Then shut down, enable again and all goes ok. But sometimes doing that still didn't help and get code 70 but codes varies too. I also have 2 Titans in SLI and 1 Creative X-fi Titanium HD. The memory run with their profile at 2400 which is the stock for this kit. Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400 C9 16 GB (4x4GB). Only increase the CPU VCCSA to 1.25v to run at this settings. About the CPU Voltage, when running some benchs it goes steady at 1.456v, with cpu a 4,7ghz and never goes more than this. So I keep temp below 80 on all cores. I think If I want to go higher like 4,9/5 I will need to disable some of the cores, so it can run for example 49/49/49/49/-/- or 50/50/-/-/-/-. I never play with this options, always have all cores running at same turbo ratio.

Level 10
I don't know what to say about your OC, or your startup voltages, but I will say that you should have some active cooling on your VRM heatsink if you're going to be benching at 4.7GHz. It will get blisteringly hot at that speed. It might even be the cause of your boot issue (but that's unlikely). Get a fan with lots of air flow and point it directly at your VRM Heatsink, which is between the CPU socket and the 8pin CPU connector.

While we're on that topic, do you have both the 8pin and 4pin CPU connectors plugged in?

Also, you're VCCSA seems a little high.

Finally, what CPU are you using?
Motherboard: RIVE (3602 bios)
CPU: Intel 3930K @4646MHz
OS Drive: 2 X Samsung 840 PRO (Raid 0)
Storage Drive: 2 X 1.5TB WD Caviar Black RAID 0, 2 X 3TB WD Caviar Red, Kingston V100 256GB SSD
Memory: 64GB G.SKILL Ripjaws Z (F3-12800CL10Q2-64GBZL)
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX580 @795MHz - 1536MB GDDR5
Cooling: Phantek PH-TC14PE
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64. (EUFI)

Ok, will try to add a fan in that place, but it is a very difficult place to put one because of the distribution of my case. I have both cpu power connected. My VCCSA needs 1,25v for my memory to run at 2400 stock. Forget to mention I have a 3930K with a Corsair AX1200i.

Level 7
Are all of the voltages that have values, values that you have manually set? Also , I have seen plenty of threads pertaining to the issues that 3930k cpus have reaching 2400Mhz. Most just can't reasonably....

Level 7
Yes, all the voltages number are manual set by me. Mine can run 2400 MHz no problem with the memory, even on stock. But as you can see on the xmp profile by default it requires 1.25V. You can see it at the end after the 1.65v. And it is done by Corsair by default, that's why it is in this color and not in red. And that's why it can run at 2400 no problems. It you put at 1.15v or less it will not work.

Level 10
There's a big difference between 1.15V and 1.25V. Is there anywhere in between where it will still run?
Motherboard: RIVE (3602 bios)
CPU: Intel 3930K @4646MHz
OS Drive: 2 X Samsung 840 PRO (Raid 0)
Storage Drive: 2 X 1.5TB WD Caviar Black RAID 0, 2 X 3TB WD Caviar Red, Kingston V100 256GB SSD
Memory: 64GB G.SKILL Ripjaws Z (F3-12800CL10Q2-64GBZL)
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX580 @795MHz - 1536MB GDDR5
Cooling: Phantek PH-TC14PE
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64. (EUFI)

Level 7
I know it is big difference but that is the default XMP voltage for this memory kit. Like it always work at 1.25v I didn't try lowering it. Unless I run at lower frequency like 2133. In that case I can put 1.15v. I check this some time ago on the corsair forum and that value was put for mainting stability by Corsair. If they run their tests and determine this value will work fine, I just leave at that. They will not add that value to the xmp profile for no reason.