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help bsod :( i think its ram as it was 1608 .then cmos after 1600 ?

Level 8
HELP PLS ... so i used the mobo normal overclock profile at 4275 and i set the ram to 1666 on thursady and since iv had 2 bsod whilst at work 😕 . i have not read the dump files as i don't no what tool to use. but since the bsod i did click "default values in the mother board. but today it bsod again so i open up memtweak it and saw that the ram was 804 . so i turned of my pc and did a cmos clear and now memtweak shows 800. was the ram speed the problem or is it my 290x gpu 14.3 beta driver that iv have used since the 27th of last month with no problems ? or some thing else. my bro who,s in when it happens says he hears a odd noise and the fans rev right up and a fuzzy page then it shows a bsod ?

Ty any help is most appreciated .

Level 40
Probably due to clocking using the profile....a good clear CMOS and if everything is running fine then all OK. Best to OC yourself in the BIOS rather than use presets that often use more voltage than you might need or set something that a component isn't 100% happy with..

Everything OK at stock?