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H570M-Plus only allowing 1 front USB item to work properly at a time.

Level 7
All current Drivers, All Windows 10 Pro updates. Connection tight from motherboard to front panel ports.

Just Wireless mouse, flaky (jerks around), just wired flaky. Add 2 devices (Mouse and 10 key) really flaky, as in mouse jerks around and 10 key typing is delayed. Plug in USB external HDD in place of either the above and only the HDD works. I have switched the ports and devices and tried them on other computers. I have checked the USB device Manager settings.

All devices connected to other PC's or back ports work just fine.

I had this in the past with USB 2.0 ports but only when an external HDD was connected. The mouse bouncing around, not smooth, by itself is weird. I did reinstall the Chip-set software.

Level 7
This is exactly the same on 3 identical internal hardware builds (2 with the same model case), 2 different types of cases. One with two USB 3.0 ports two different cases with only 1 front USB 2.0 and 1 front USB 3.0.
It happens if you connect the motherboard USB 2.0 and a 3.0 to the front of case. Yes, weird, however I tested connecting a USB 2.0 and 3.0, the wireless mouse on either of them, then an external SSD Hard drive and the mouse quits. Same with a wired keyboard and the SSD drive. Back ports no problem.

Use both USB 3 ports with a "thumb drive" and the mouse quits too.
two of the cases are Epower Case EP-2002BB-500 Mid Tower with one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 front panel ports.
One is an In-Win EM013.TH350S3, mATX, with 350 watt power supply. 2 front USB 3.0 ports

I'm still having the same issue.

Since parts are not always easy to get, I bought a 4th set of hardware when I bought the clients 3. Last night I built the 4th new system.It it the exact same hardware and case as the others (one case is different)Before installing Windows updates, I ran the DVD that came with the motherboard and all drivers were seen and all USB ports worked fine. I even installed the add-on 4 port powered panel. During Updates the Device Manager stayed clear.

After the last Large Windows update, the “Unknown Device� appeared and under USB controller “Unknown USB Device (port Reset Failed)�. However all external USB ports worked with multiple devices connected without issue, this includes those built into the front of the case and the add-on 4 port powered device. I connected an SSD hard drive, mouse and USB powered DVD drive and worked all 3 at once on the 4 port panel. On the 2 front panel I did the DVD and Mouse as well as the SSD drive and mouse.

Today I am going to go to their office and run the DVD that came with the motherboard. I know they will probable be older drivers than the ones installed, however I want to see what happens.