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Level 7
Hello, I'm currently using the H110M-R motherboard that i came with the original prebuilt machine i'm using now about 4-5 years ago. I've been gradually upgrading the PC since then but i've never really messed with the bios as i've heard horror stories of it bricking the PC. Until recently i discovered my bios is the wrong version i believe as it's the "American megatrends inc 9036".

Is it possible that "Argos" applied the wrong bios when creating the PC?

I'm currently wondering if it's worth flashing the bios and updating to the official asus bios on there website.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Nazza,

If you're not experiencing any specific issues with the system, it's probably ok to just keep the current BIOS.

But, if you're feeling uneasy, let's try to figure it out! For a bit of troubleshooting and information finding, what's leading you to the conclusion that your bios is the wrong version?

hello! the system has worked perfectly for over 4 years now i believe but since the 8th of may i've been receiving kernel error 141,117 etc which starts with a black screen and the fans going haywire. This only seems to happen whenever i'm at, or near, 100% usage in my GPU I.E playing demanding games.

So because of this i've been testing as many things as i can such as testing the memory, reseating everything, stress tests, reinstalling drivers using DDU etc

I believe i've narrowed it down to the gpu or psu now so i'm going to be RMAing the gigabyte gpu i have and i'm praying they'll be able to fix it but after all of this i've noticed the motherboards bios version is a little strange, do you have any idea on how that could be that version?

Thanks for the help